Monday, June 05, 2017

Shocked, shocked I tell you. Who knew peace loving Muslims would kill innocent people?

Well, well, well who’d a thunk it?  Practitioners of the “religion of peace” unleashed another string of lone wolf terror attacks on London.  Another 3 lone wolf azzbags stabbed and drove their way to infamy on Saturday night.  It’s weird enough to have 3 lone wolf(es) engaged in the same attack.  It’s even weirder to learn that the London constabulary has swept up a lone wolf support team consisting of a score or so more lone wolf(es).

Reportedly the lone wolf support team has filed harassment charges against the constabulary.   The lone wolf support network lawyer, himself a lone wolf, issued a statement:  “Why is the constabulary harassing my clients?  All of this time and money is being wasted on harassing my clients when it could be used to stop the real threat to London, which everyone knows is global-cooling-warming-change-disruption.  It’s crazy to get so upset about peace loving Muslims mowing down people in the streets when all that the peace lovers are doing is saving the London victims from dying a horrible death in maybe 10,000 years from global-cooling-warming-change-disruption.  They are actually heroes for ending the suffering of the people they mowed down.  Anyone who indicates otherwise is an Islamophobe.”  

The good news is that the lone wolf network is a diverse bunch.  And we all know that it’s better to be diverse than to simply do good work.  Sure all the Islamo-Terror-Fascist azzbags are all Muslim.  Big deal.  That’s not the problem because everyone knows that Islam is a religion of peace.  Of the 1,000s of lone wolf(es) no 7-8 were born on the same day to the same mother.  Check their pant sizes.   There is a true diversity in waist and inseam sizes.  And for a real diversity check, look at their shoes.  That’s diversity.  Black, brown, sandals, loafers and even oxfords of every size and even ½ sizes where available.

Let’s just boil this down to the most basic truth.  The catalyst for every one of these ITF attacks on Western Civilization since Mohammed is  - drum roll please – Mohammed (read Islam).   

What is weirder than 20 or so lone wolf(es) attacking innocents in London?  Well after the attacks PDJT tweeted out:
“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!

That’s fairly straight forward to me.  But a “religious” cannibal at CNN it didn’t see it that way.  Some guy over there named Reza Aslan, who once ate human brain with a tribe of cannibals, was so upset with PDJT’s tweet that he let loose with this brilliant 140 character response:
“This piece of shit is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He's an embarrassment to humankind.”

Well none of this surprising in the least.  It’s just another example of PDJT living rent free inside the empty head of another Lefty Lib.  In that regard, as always, I’m amused.  What’s weird is that Aslan lets loose with this vitriol against PDJT, but he cannot muster one word of condemnation for the score or so lone wolf(es) who perpetrated the terror on London.  I’d expect the “PDJT is a POS” vitriol from an azzbag like Aslan.  I just thought it would be followed up with the standard, “We must not let terrorist win,”  “we must guard against a backlash against peace loving Muslims” drivel that always fallows ITF bastards acting like ITF bastards. 

So I sent CNN a love note.  “I noticed a ‘religion reporter’ employed by you called PDJT a ‘piece of shit.’  Nice.  As a religious reporter, if you really want to get peoples’ attention, spice up your commentary with a bit of profanity.  Works every time.  As a devout practicing Catholic who regularly called The Empty Suit (AKA Barak Obama) a POS, I was wondering if you’d be interested in employing me to balance out Mr. Aslan’s somewhat partisan reporting.   My employment by CNN would create a fair and balanced, uh, sorry, make that impartial and equally proportioned account of religion for CNN’s half dozen or so viewers.  Let me know.  Have Bible.  Will travel.”

AlGore and the global warm-mongers are now in a tizzy.  They thought they’d have the weekend to bash PDJT for his exit from the Paris accords.  Damn lone wolf(es) ruined everything by pushing global-cooling-warming-change-disruption off of the front page.   AlGore sent a back channel note through Jared Kusher to the Russians to be relayed to Syria and then on to ISIS azzbags:  Hey cool it!  We’re on the same side.  You have upstaged my attack on PDJT for his withdrawal for the Paris Accord with this London thing.  The only thing that will save the situation that you have created is for you to release a statement saying the London attacks were in response to PDJT’s precipitous withdrawal from Paris.  In the future, we need to work together to destroy America.  Please coordinate these attacks so not to step on our global-cooling-warming-change-disruption message.  Your friend, Al.
Am I an idiot…don’t answer that question.  It was intended to be rhetorical.  Am I an idiot or was PDJT withdrawing from the Paris Accord more about the unfair onerous and draconian economic burden it placed upon the United States than the fake science of global cooling-warming-change-disruption?  I do not recall PDJT addressing the fake science of global cooling-warming-change-disruption in his 30 minute Rose Garden speech.  As I recall, and like so much of what I think I know, I could be wrong, but PDJT’s sole reason for withdrawal was that the Paris deal was that the deal screwed American workers and tax payers.  America first, baby.

So now the global warm-mongers are shouting louder than ever to steal the attention away from the London lone wolf(es) and back to the greatest threat facing America global-cooling-warming-change--disruption.  Another recurring slam against PDJT that has sprung up with regard to cutting the Paris Accord loose is that he blew up in one 30 minute speech what it took the West 20 years to accomplish – getting the Chinese and Indians on board with a global-cooling-warming-change-disruption agreement.  I could have done it 10 minutes.  The West got the Chinese on board by promising that they would not have to do one damn thing for the next 20 years.  The West got the Indians on board by making the same deal and then sweetening the pot by promising them a 100 billion or so dollars of aid money. 

One of my favorite sayings I learned while stationed at the Pentagon is the sincere offer to help that goes: “Call me if there is anything I can do to help that doesn’t cost me any time or money.”  That is essentially the deal the West made with China and India on global-cooling-warming-change-disruption.  They don’t have to anything to help the situation.  Why not get in?

Get your Breitbart covfefe mug while they are hot

If I still worked in an office or on a college campus, I’d have to have one these Breitbart covfefe mugs for a mere $15.  I’m trying to think who I could get it for, for Christmas.  I’m afraid the whole "covfefe scandal" will have been forgotten by December.  It’s an absolute twofer for a college student.  The Breitbart logo is guaranteed to send the Lefty Libs into hysteria and scurrying toward the nearest safe space.  Then there’s the “covfefe” angle.  This prompt merchandising of the media panic over a typo in a tweet proves the old adage, “Never let Trump derangement syndrome hysteria go to waste.”  I hope Breitbart makes a million dollars on it.  That will get the Lefty Libs right where they live.  They make a big deal over a typo.  Breitbart makes a million bucks on their hysteria over a typo. When the Lefty Libs see the hated and reviled Breitbart turn their hysteria into profit they are sure to become even more hysterical.  Then the cycle will repeat itself.  Brilliant.  

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