Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lefty Lib rage no longer satisfying

The two faithful readers of this page know that Lex is guilty of experiencing a prolonged feeling of schadenfreude since about 9 pm on Nov 8, 2016.  The rage and over the top rhetoric from the losers on the left caused a bit of satisfaction for me only because the soul sucking effect it had to be having on them.  PMSNBC was fun to watch as the Lefty Libs tied themselves in knots as the subject of their rage, PDJT, sailed along as if oblivious to the boiling rage on the other side directed at him, which only caused the Lefty Libs to ramp up their rage. 

Well, yesterday it stopped being satisfying.  To be honest, I always thought it’d be the militia on the right to start shooting people.  I figured Shrillda the Hutt, after packing the Supreme Court, would try enforce a gun grab or some other unconstitutional BS and all heck would break loose.  I never thought begging for the government to control more of your life was a reason sufficient to shoot someone who didn’t want to control your life.

Since the June 6th post I’ve been working hmmm, working is not the right word ask Mrs. Lex, thinking about juxtaposing the satisfaction of the Lefty Lib soul sucking rage with the danger the rage posed.  In that post containing a letter to the editor, which recently made it to print in the Ft. Wayne JG, I wrapped the letter up with this:

“My hope is that my schadenfreude at Liberals’ soul sucking rage directed at the duly elected President of the United States, (trigger warning) President Donald J. Trump, doesn’t subside before their rage and that the rage on Ms. Case’s side does not lead to serious injury or death.

After that I started to compile a list of links under the title Lefty Libs’ rage funny dangerous:  Lefty Libs suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are hilarious, but it’s not all fun and games with these raging losers. 

Of course the list can go on and on, but none of it’s funny anymore.  When people are allowed to wear masks and assault those with whom they disagree while the cops stand by and watch, when the minority exercise a hecklers veto at town halls and on college campuses when a conservative comes to speak, when people are allowed to shut down traffic in cities with no response, when people are allowed – no - encouraged to engage in the most vile discourse and “comedy” imaginable, when one of the major parties and their propaganda army in the MSM are consumed with destroying the duly elected President of the United States by a daily drumbeat of innuendo and lies, when congressmen are run off the road, when the Education Secretary requires an 8 million dollar security detail, sadly all of this was predictable. 

The Lefty Libs spurred on by the Dope Party, their propaganda arm the MSM, disgusting marginally talented Hollywood D listers and anyone else trying to be noticed have been consumed by their own rage.  I once enjoyed the discomfort their rage was causing them. My goodness, I thought, turn off PMSNBC and turn on an old movie.  Stop checking the Huffpost every 15 minutes and pick up a book that doesn’t involve politics.  For pure fun and joy, go watch a Little League baseball game.  I always ask myself, “Why don’t these people try to enjoy life - for a couple of days a week anyway?”

Is this going to change anything?  I doubt it. They killed a PDJT look alike in Central Park again last night.  The show (Lefty Lib rage), as they say, must go on.  After 9-11 Dopes rallied around the flag.  It wasn’t three weeks before they let their politics consume their patriotism.

Sure we’ll hug it over the next couple of days.  Then some masked AntiFa fascist will smack some guy wearing a red hat over the head with a stick, snowflake know-nothings on campus will riot at the notion of a conservative speaking on campus, Dopes will continue the drumbeat for groundless impeachment.  Muller will pack his investigative team with Dope partisans and the investigation will go on and on and on until they find something while fueling the MSM propaganda hate machine.  Of course the Lefty Libs were calling for gun control while the ambulances were still rolling.  It’s disgusting.

Last thoughts.  The Demo Dope party, their lackeys in the MSM and Hollywood spurred the shooter on.  Their hands are not clean.  Dope “leadership” in this matter are just like the “moderate Muslims” who refuse to condemn or speak out against the anti-American, anti-Democratic mobs.  Shrillda the Hutt went so far as to join the “resistance.”  What exactly are they resisting?  Democracy?  Capitalism?  Political debate?  What?  Dopes are supposed to be the “loyal” opposition not an anti-American mob that upsets the playing board when they are losing.

My advice, as always in these things, is to buy more guns and ammo.

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