Friday, June 23, 2017

The Friday roundup

I’m about done with this charade. Let it die on the vine.  Republicans – surprise – don’t have a clue.  The only thing that is going to get this done is PDJT demanding a joint session of congress and going before the American people a la State of the Union style.  PDJT spends 10 minutes outlining all the problems with Robertscare, hmm, okay 20, make it an even half hour.  Then he asks every member of congress who thinks Robertscare is dead or dying to stand.  Then he asks every member of congress willing to fix the mess for the American people to remain standing.  If you’d rather have the issue for political reasons, sit down.  Okay, senators who are standing follow me to room XYZ.  House members who are standing follow VP Pence to room ABC.  We’re going to fix this thing. The rest of you can go to hell.  

Letting Robertscare die on the vine will be a political boon for Republicans if they remind voters the bill passed without single Republican vote and efforts to fix the disaster were stalled because not one Dope wanted to help fix the mess for the American people.

For the record I cannot stand Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser.  For starters, I think she’s dumb as a rock, arrogant, out of touch, hyper partisan etc. etc.  That said my hope is that the Dopes leave her in her “leadership” position where she has presided over the loss of the House and 1,000 Dope seats nationwide.  I hope they leave Chuckles Scummer in place.  I hope they continue to embrace the Russia collusion story.  I hope they continue to embrace the ever more violent and unhinged “resist” movement.  I hope they continue to spawn more Lefty Lib artsy fartsy drama and “comedic” rage of assassinating PDJT and slicing his head off and calling for impeachment and blowing up the White House and fail to renounce the violent rhetoric as well as the actual violence.

It will all fail.  PDJT will remain undaunted.  They will lose again in 2018.

Keep up the good work Nancy.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

PMSNBC/CNN do not fail to entertain
PDJT states the obvious.  Lefty Lib media soils itself.  PDJT said he wanted successful people leading the country so he didn’t want a poor people in his cabinet.  Lefty Lib shocked face and outrage in 3, 2, 1.  I’m quite happy not to have Ned the wino running Commerce or the guy with the cardboard sign “Homeless and hungry” standing outside the strip mall with 25 “Help wanted” signs running Treasury.    

The mock outrage at a statement that just drips with common sense is why the MSM and the Dopes are hilarious.  So, Lefty Lib, why don’t you take your car down to the 35 year old Social Justice major who is flipping burgers at Mickey Ds when it needs service?  Next time you have a leaky faucet call the third generation welfare mom you run into at WalMart. 

Americans get it.  The MSM and Dopes never will.

Or should it read, no tapes.  MSM, Comey and the Dopes got played by the master.   Again, the media, Hollywood, Dope rage at getting their heads handed to them again by PDJT is hilarious.  Whole segments on PMSNBC last night about what it means.  YGBSM.  It means you're a bunch of dupes, ultra maroons, dopes.  It means you won't get a job in PDJT's cabinet.

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