Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fake news leader CNN circling the toilet, blames PDJT

Good day to all of you well informed readers.  Let’s hit it.

Say this to yourself in your best Elmo voice:  This is CNN.  That’s right, James Earl Jones is out, and Elmo is in as the new voice of the Fake News Network.  In what appears to be a new low for the failing fake news organization, CNN used the Sesame Street character to push for Syrian refugees. So, is Elmo a real person?  No.  Animal?  No.  Thing?  No it isn’t.  It’s fake.  Just like CNN.  Today CNN will have Oscar the Grouch on to opine about global cooling warming change disruption.  Friday they’ll have Cookie Monster on for news about fat shaming.

With their reputation in the dumpster by their own making the fake news makers do what everyone does these days when they are exposed as dolts, claim victim status.  CNN hired Donna Brazil who fed Shrillda the Hutt debate questions and then when she was exposed lied through her ample butt about it.  CNN put Kathy Griffin on the air and then had to dump the unfunny “comedian.”  CNN hired the dope who called PDJT a POS and had to be let go.  CNN hired the “reporters” who made up the latest PDJT Russia story.  It’s CNN who puts puppets on air to make “news.”  It’s CNN who has producer and “talent” like commie Van Jones who agree CNN’s PDJT Russia obsession is so much BS.  It is CNN that runs with 5 unsourced PDJT Russia stories a day that then have to be retracted.  So CNN has brought their entire network to its knees by their own doing.

Now they they’re whining like a cut dog about the situation that they created.  They are blaming their poor showing, ratings and judgement on PDJT.  They believe PDJT is creating a dangerous environment for journalist.  They go so far as to declare that PDJT has “declared war on the media.”  I must have missed that declaration.  Okay then.  Everyone at CNN should be fine.  If journalist are the targets no one at CNN would have a chance of making the list.  Some dope at the Atlantic warned the PDJT would be responsible for violence against journalists.  Well if things proceed true to form, some unhinged lefty lib with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome will assault or shoot someone at the FNC.  Lefty Libs are the ones dealing in violence, so it’s unlikely that would shoot their own.   

Demo-Dopes will kill 500,000 people in the next 10 years
The Demo-Dopes are estimating that somewhere between 10-15 billion people will die if Republicans attempt to fix the dying Robertscare fiasco.  Well university studies show that America will suffer 500,000 deaths from opioids.  Much of that toll will come from drugs brought across an unsecured southern US border.  So can Republicans say that any Dope opposes PDJT’s border wall “will be responsible for the deaths of 500,000 US citizens”? 

I think there is a much closed correlation to the deaths of US citizens from an unsecured southern border and opioid abuse than there is to deaths from US citizens choosing not to insure themselves.    

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