Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Osoff loses, hilarity ensues on PMSNBC

When news on PDJT’s collusion with Russia or anything else PDJT breaks, I like to get the “real take” on PMSNBC.  Last night they did not disappoint.  Prior to the returns being counted last night, Jon Osoff was dubbed the “Trump slayer.”  Dopes assured us that the GA 6th District was a nationwide referendum on PDJT.  They dumped 24 million dollars into the district.  Osoff was ahead in every poll by as much as 6 points.*  Then on election night it was Shrilda the Hutt all over again.  By about 8 pm the "too close to call" election was over when it became clear that Osoff was a figment of Dope pollsters’ imagination. 

NOTE:  As always the polls miraculously narrowed 24 hours before the election and then Handle wins by 5.   Polls are fake news.  I’m sure Dems already have their letter demanding DOJ look into winner Karen Handel’s collusion with the Russians to win the seat in the mail. 

So I went to my go to comedy relief in such situation, PMSNBC.  They were in rare form.  I laughed my Osoff (Saw it in a tweet from Kellyann Conway).   When I first tuned in, if didn’t already know better, I’d have sworn the Dopes had won and didn’t even really try that hard to win the seat.  You’ll be surprised to learn that, according to PMSNBC, Osoff’s butt kicking shows that Republicans are in serious trouble for the 2018 mid-terms, because, get this, Republicans cannot raise 24 million dollars to defend too many seats.   I suppose that means that the Dopes can raise 24 million dollars to take that many seats.  HEY!  PMSNBC!  Dopes DID just raise 24 million to try to take a seat and failed miserably. 

So using PMSNBC logic, if you can raise 24 million dollars to try to take a seat and fail, it’s actually a win because Republicans cannot raise that much money to defend the seats that Dopes cannot win with that much money.  See, for the Dopes, it’s about fund raising not ideas and policy.  The Dopes think as long as they can pour millions of outside dollars into these districts they are automatically the winners.  Dollars trump votes in the wacky Dope world.

Dopes rely on the buzz and bucks from Hollywood swells.  Note to Dopes:  Most Americans do not take political advice from people who make millions of dollars for doing and saying what other people tell them to do and say.  Shocking.  Americans care more about what a co-worker thinks than what Steve Colbert thinks?  But Steve makes more money.  Steve supports abortion, open borders, making you live in a dirt hut to alleviate global cooling warming change disruption and snatching up your rifle.  Exactly.

Dopes and the PMSNBCers just could not bring themselves to admit that they had just suffered another very expensive very humiliating butt kicking.  So what to do?  Get a message?  No.  Get a clue about Mr. & Mrs. America?  Oh hell no.  Are you crazy?  What then?  Well change the subject to…drum roll please…Russia/obstruction. 

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