Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Weak Republicans - is there any other type - PDJT's real challenge

Alexandria shooter James Hodgkinson’s hero Bernie Sanders said this: “Our Republican colleagues are so cowardly, are so frightful that the American people will learn what’s in their legislation, that they refuse to have one hearing, one open discussion, about it.

Alleged state secrets leaker Reality Winner’s hero, Bernie Sanders, is right about one thing.  Caligula, D.C. Republicans are cowards.  That said, the millionaire “socialist’s”* rant on the Republican’s effort to cobble together a healthcare package is, like most things coming from Demo Dopes, hypocritical.  When Dopes pushed through Robertscare, I do recall someone on the Dope side saying, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”  My guess is that to this day no one actually knows what’s in Robertscare.  So if Caligula, D.C. Republicans actually know what’s in their bill but no one else does, that will be one set of people more than Robertscare who had any idea what was in the bill.   

NOTE:  Shouldn’t “millionaire ‘socialist’” be some kind of oxymoron?  My guess is ol’ Bernie would be quite happy for everyone else to like it was the 1960s in the Soviet Union but he sure as heck isn’t going to live the way.   The same goes for global cooling warming change disruption.  Everyone else should cut back on their carbon output, but don’t expect the Bernie to give up one his three or so houses.

Chucky Chuckles Scummer apparently staged a takeover of the Senate floor last and vowed it’s not going to be business as usual.  Hmm, does that mean that they are going to stop stealing?  Stop preening?  Start putting the American people ahead of their own personal interests?  What?  I’d be delighted if Chucky would turn over a new leaf and abandon “business as usual” – a euphemism for doing nothing except lining their own pockets at tax payer expense.

I’m not particularly delighted with Republicans either.  They’ve had 7+ years to get something together to replace Robertscare.  Now when all the pieces fall into place for repeal and replace they’ve got nothing.  Idiots.  Lex has always noted that PDJT’s biggest problem isn’t Dopes.  He deal with that bunch.  It’s the Republicans holding up his agenda.  The Republicans run the House and the Senate and what are they doing?  Obstructing and investigating. 

Everyone knows Robertcare is on life support.  One party wants to obstruct everything the other is afraid of their own shadow.

The Republican majority congress is as worthless as a truck load of sand in the Sahara.

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