Thursday, June 22, 2017

GA 6th brings the joy of Lefty Lib suffering back

If you are of the opinion that Dope suffering at loss after loss to PDJT shouldn’t trigger joy among the MAGA crowd, consider PMSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s theory for Dope Jon Osoff’s poor showing in GA’s 6th District – global cooling warming change disruption.  Well Maddow actually blamed the rain in GA on Election Day but we all know that deep down inside she knows the rain was caused by global cooling warming change disruption.  In Maddow’s mind, were it not for PDJT unilaterally pulling out of the Paris accords a week ago, the climate would have stabilized by now and it would have been sunny and 72 for Tuesday’s elections.  

Global cooling warming change disruption caused the rain and the rain caused Dopes not to vote, which gave Republicans a huge advantage because after all, due to their well-known white privilege, the rain does not fall on Republicans on Election Days.  That’s funny stuff.  What’s even funnier is, because Maddow said it on PMSNBC, a whole slew of rank and file Dopes believe it.

If Maddow’s explanation of why Dopes lost in GA has you laughing your Osoff, consider Don Lemon’s irrational explanation as to why the Dopes won.  Huh?  Don the Dopes lost…again.  According to Lemon, no they didn’t.  Because they got so close – which they didn’t – and because the Dope polled so well – which he didn’t on Election Day – Lemon asked, “Is this really a loss for the [Dopes]?”  That’s funny.  Yes Don, it is.  The way I know it is a loss for Dopes is that the very network you work for declared Karen Handel the “winner.”  But, it would be great if you and your Dope idiot friends continue to believe that coming in second in a two man race is “winning” if it’s close or because your candidate polled well before getting clobbered on Election Day.  That would really MAGA. 

Then there’s the tell-all photo at the top of the post.  Cost for Dopes to try to buy Osoff the GA 6th house seat in the primary: 9 million dollars.  Cost for Dopes to try to buy Osoff the GA 6th house seat in the Special Election:  20 million dollars.  Cost of the visible devastation across the CNN panel when Osoff gets clobbered: priceless. 

In this piece John Podhoretz warns us about short sighted “triumphalism” over the GA 6th Special Election.  Podhoretz is right.  One Special Election probably does not mean that much in a ruby red district.  I am not guilty of feeling triumphant about the GA 6th election.  I’m guilty of enjoying Dope suffering over that election.  I know it’s wrong to enjoy someone else’s suffering, but what can I say?  They bring it on themselves.  They are hilarious. 

In a post several under, Thom Bauer writes a letter to the editor condemning Lex for pointing out Lefty Lib rage and the possibility of that rage being turned into violence and in the process proves Lex’s point.  That's funny.  I'm wondering what ol' Thom is feeling like today.  Am I really a bad person for finding the humor in Lefty Lib unhingedness?

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