Monday, June 26, 2017

Dopes are the American Taliban

Good morning loyal and learned readers.  Let’s hit it.

Islamo-Terror-Fascists don’t like much of anything.  When they don’t like something they kill it or blow it up.  Oddly the Lefty Libs will tolerate killing Christians, homosexuals, Jews, women etc. more than the destruction of some antiquity somewhere.  The world was aghast when the Taliban destroyed two ancient Buddahs in Afghanistan in 2001.  After birthing Osama bin Laden who gave us 9-11, the world really got its dander up when the Taliban blew up a couple of stone carvings.  That’s like being aghast at the Tate Labianco murders because the Manson gang drank the milk out of their refrigerators.

ISIS’ recent destruction of an ancient mosque after the Taliban destroyed ancient Buddahs in Afghanistan got me to thinking, what’s the difference between Lefty Libs, who destroy everything that they touch, and the Taliban in that regard?

Take American healthcare that was the envy of the world before Lefty Libs “fixed it.”  Could the Taliban had done a better job screwing up healthcare than the Dopes have?  Now the “fix” is falling in on itself and the Dopes want to whine about any effort to save American healthcare for the next generations.  The Dope whine, “We can do better!”  Well, to barrow their BS phrase, yes we can.  We had something better.  They wrecked it.  Now their contribution to the effort to put out the fire that they started is to pour gasoline on it or to take pot shots at the firemen trying to work out a new system.

Take the 2,000 year old institution of marriage.  The left has made a mockery of it.  It has been reduced to rubble in the same way the Taliban reduced the Buddahs to rubble.  If we were able to remove government from the institution of marriage, Lefty Libs would have no interest in ruining it.

Take the Boy Scouts.  The Lefty Libs are destroying an institution that they have no interest in joining.  If they wanted to join it, they wouldn’t be destroying it.  The purpose of “joining” is simply a method whereby they can destroy it. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, of the military.

The Lefty Libs cannot leave any distraction for the American people alone.  Sports are unwatchable what with league and team boycotts to states and cities that do not – in ITF fashion - tow the Lefty Lib line on everything.  Colin Kapernick is a hero, while Tim Tebow is an exhibitionist.  TV, movies, theater, music and the awards shows that honor those mediums and the “stars” involved in those activities are all infected and with a Lefty Lib tint that make them unusable.  As a result, American culture has steadily rotted, which was the goal.

Education is another prime example of Lefty Lib destruction of a once great institution.  America was leader in education now we’re mired in the middle with third world countries thanks to the Lefty Libs. Not teaching kids math is only half the problem.  What they do teach – the Lefty Lib agenda – is the other half.  Schools at every level are nothing more than Lefty Lib propaganda machines.  ISIS could not have pulled off what the Lefty Libs have in the last 40 years if they had a 1,000 years to it.

Aid to the poor is another prime example of Lefty Lib’s ability to turn anything they touch to rust.  Ben Franklin once opined “I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.”  Everything the Dopes do in this endeavor from free Obama phones to using EBT cards for cigarettes and beer is designed to make the poor easy in their poverty thereby hooking them on the system thereby buying their votes you’re your money forever.

Everything Lefty Libs touch is squashed down to the lowest common denominator.  They are the American Taliban destroying everything in their path.

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