Thursday, June 01, 2017

Lex's triumphant return

I’m back!!  I’ve been trapesing through the rocks in Utah.  In a word, awesomelybeautiful!

So, trying to catch up.

Kathy Griffin hoist bloody head of PDJT
Kathy who?  Why does anyone care?  Why is anyone surprised?  This is just more evidence of PDJT living rent free in the left’s head.  My greatest hope is that the Lefty Lib embraces Griffin and puts the photo up everywhere.

Paris climate deal
PDJT is expected to announce his decision on the Paris climate accords today.  Get out.  Just get the hell out.  Explain it away and put the pressure on the Demo-Dope Party to support economic growth and reasonable tax policy by saying, “When we balance the budget and zero out the deficit, we’ll talk about adopting policies that will destroy our economy but will do not one damn thing to protect the planet.  Until then, it’s America first, baby.”   Elon Musk says he’ll quit PDJT’s White House council on climate warming – cooling – change - disruption if PDJT quits the accords.  Hey, a twofer.

Bullet hits bullet
Apparently, the US managed to hit a bullet with a bullet.  I’m old enough to remember when the Demo-Dope party laughed and mocked Ronald Reagan for his dream of a “Star Wars” missile defense system or the SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative.  Since the SDI was first proposed, the anti-American wing of the Dope Party - a set pretty much of the whole – has done everything in its power to stop, slow, or totally scuttle the project.  Now there is a nut job in North Korea with the potential and the will to nuke the US, Japan and/or South Korea.  Japan and South Korea are inexplicably protected by a missile defense system supplied by the US while the US – thanks to the Demo-Dope Party – is not.

The Benedict Arnold of the Republican Party
You guessed it, John McCain is trashing PDJT while in Australia.  John McCain is a war hero.  Benedict Arnold was also a war hero before taking sides with the British during the Revolutionary War.  McCain’s BS behavior can be explained away by his very advanced age.  He should retire to one the dozen or so houses his filthy rich trophy wife has bought for him, sit on the porch in a rocking chair and yell at kids to get off his lawn.   It seems to me, McCain is in politics for McCain.  McCain hasn’t betrayed the country yet, unless you count supporting Dope efforts to betray the country.

The most important story in the world
What is “covfefe”?  The world is on fire and the press is obsessed over a typo in a tweet.  Does anyone need more proof what a bunch of morons we are for letting the MSM drive the daily agenda?  Pretty sure the word PDJT was searching for is “coverage”.  But who knows?  Who cares?  Or to quote an azzbag of a fake American, “what difference at this point does it make?”

More catching up tomorrow.  

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