Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wars, battlefields and healthcare

Meathead wants “all out war”
In some response to a Fox report on PDJT and Russia, Rob Reiner apparently believes that “the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war.” I don’t think he’s serious, because I think he’s smart enough to know what would happen to him and his kind if they ever strolled outside the rarefied air of Hollywood looking for “an all out war.”  He may be inspiring others to the violence that he’s too timid, weak, afraid etc. to initiate on his own or putting on a though guy show for his Hollywood pals.  Like the aged WWI generals sipping Champaign and eating caviar in some villa while calling for more troops to be sent to the front, it’s easy to call for war if you’re not going to be fighting in it. 

The good news in all of this is that Reiner is one more Lefty Lib who has finally come around to recognizing that Russia is our enemy.  I’m waiting for The Empty Suit to scold Reiner with a well-placed, “Hey Rob!  The 1980s just called and want their foreign policy back.”

Lefty Libs continue their destruction of America
In the post just under, Lex notes the destructive similarities of all that is holy between the Islamo-Terror-Fascists and lefty Libs.  The electrons of that post had not even settled into wherever electrons settle before I ran across this piece indicating that Anit-Fascist fascists plan to descend onto Gettysburg National Battlefield to burn Confederate flags and desecrate Confederate graves.  My hope is that anyone entering the Battlefield wearing mask, starting a fire or otherwise disrupting the sanctity of that hallowed ground is arrested.   

Healthcare front and center as Russian focus snares Dopes
Those two tidbits are interesting but here’s the really big news.  As the PDJT Russia story does a 180 and begins to sweep up Dopes including Lo Lynch and The Empty Suit and as the US Supreme Court validates PDJT, the Dopes and their MSM allies have been reduced to talking policy.  The result was none the les hilarious.  CNN and PMSNBC were in high dudgeon about the senate healthcare bill. 

The lefty libs are shouting from the mountain, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe Millions will die!   They are correct.  According to the UN – and who doesn’t trust the UN – 2,626,418 people died in the US in 2014.  I can do the Dopes one better.  I can state with absolute certainty that everyone in America will die.  So yeah, millions will die.  But they will die irrespective of the senate healthcare bill.

Now the CBO has scored thee bill.  That score is worth about as much Bernie Madoff’s credit score.  The Dopes have joined themselves at the hip with the CBO notion that 22 million Americans will lose their healthcare coverage and subsequently die as a result.  First, and this is very important, the largest percentage of the 22 million will not “lose” anything.  They will chose not to insure themselves.  We used to call it freedom.  Now when people chose not insure themselves, Dopes think it is important to force them to do so and that you pay the premium.  So yeah, some people, mostly young, will decide to roll the dice.  But hey they can stay on mom and dad’s insurance until age 26. Just let kids stay on mom and dad’s until mom and dad die. 

Here’s an idea.  Instead of slaving healthcare to employment compensate people enough to buy their own healthcare insurance.  Insure healthcare like unemployment insurance.  Then people who chose to can keep their kids on the policy they are paying for as long as they want.    

What Dopes do not mention and want to hide is the fact that after the be all and end all of Robertcare according to the CBO – and who doesn’t trust the CBO – there will still be 30 million uninsured Americans by 2022.  So are the Dopes content to “kill” those 30 million just to save The Empty Suit’s pathetic legacy?  Well, yes they are. 

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