Monday, June 12, 2017

Catholics developed scientific method - now reject science for consensus

The Catholic Church embraces science.  The Catholic Church, among other things, developed the scientific method and first proposed “the big bang theory” (the scientific version not the TV show).  Still the Church whiffs at science from time to time.  There’s the whole Galileo thing.  Galileo’s persecution was bad enough, but it then took 350 years for the Church to rectify the matter and admit the Galileo was correct – the Earth is NOT the center of the universe.

In last week’s Catholic Times the US Council of Catholic Bishops, surprise-surprise, condemned PDJT for extracting the US from the debacle known as the Paris Accords on Climate Change.  The Catholic Times ran a feature article on the subject here.  The article was not fair.  It was not balanced. It is full of inaccuracies, falsehood and relies on consensus as proof rather than science, yet it was published as if climate change is part of the gospels.

The only difference between the Catholic Church’s position on climate change and their treatment of Galileo is that there is no climate change inquisition…yet.  One other difference is that after 350 years there will be no admission that the Church got it wrong.  Instead there will another of the rather unending dire predictions stating that we only have 10 years left to save the planet. 

In my mind letting this kind of nonsense pass without comment is akin to Muslims sitting quietly while their fellow followers of the religion of peace go about slicing off peoples’ heads.  So I sent a note to the editors:

Dear Editor:
Did anyone read the subject article?  I hope the answer is no.  Not having read it would at least give you plausible denyabity for approving the error filled rubbish contained therein.

A few of the most egregious errors:

The US has never made a “commitment” to the Paris Climate Accord.  Therefore it would be impossible to decide “not to honor the US commitment.”

If you happen to think that affordable energy for poor people is a good thing, President Trump’s decision will actually help the poor and vulnerable.

It was interesting to learn that the “entire Catholic Church [has] consistently upheld the Paris agreement.”  I’m a practicing Catholic.  I do not uphold the Paris agreement or most “climate change” propaganda.  Am I still Catholic?

Then there’s this absolute stunner.  “President Obama ratified on its own, bypassing the US Senate.”  That non-sentence is the perfect passage for the entire article, bad English asserting a falsehood.  Mr. Editor, ratified what? 

I have searched Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the US Constitution, and I cannot find the part that says that the president can ratify a treaty “on its own, bypassing the US Senate.”

Even the photo shown with the article is garbage.  I’m old enough to remember when global cooling was going to destroy the planet.  During that now debunked hysteria, the little town I grew up in experienced a heavy down pour one summer day.  As a result, the streets and many of the basements in the lower end of town were flooded…for about 2 hours.  40+ years later, the town is still there, and as far as I know, hasn’t flooded to that extent since.  When the pond in my front yard floods in the spring, it usually portends a good year for farmers.  So what the picture accompanying the article tells me is that it might be a once in a 100 year occurrence or bumper year for crops in Hammond, LA.

I’m still silly enough to think Catholic bishops and publications ought to deal in the truth not political propaganda.

“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”  Those who hype climate change will engage in Democrat/globalist propaganda.

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