Friday, June 09, 2017

Shape Shifter testimony totally predictable

Well, if you didn’t think the 6’ 8” (who knew they stacked $h!t that high?) Jimmy the shape shifter Comey should have been fired before his senate hearing, the world now knows what a total POS this guy is this morning and how correct PDJT was to send the azzweasel packing.  This weak, azz covering, cowardly, totally political, self-serving, criminal, whining, wimp of an azzbag was once America’s “top cop”.  Who could have been a worse choice?  I guess El Chapo was too busy running drugs to take the job as FBI Director.

Just to show you what a dickweed* punk this guy is, the shifter said he wrote memos for the record when talking with PDJT because the shifter was “afraid” PDJT might lie.  YGBSM!  The shifter didn’t take a single note when dealing with a guy who engaged in the three biggest lies in American history: 1) If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr. 2) The Benghazi attack was the result of a video. 3) There’s not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.   The shifter is a political rat who wrote notes to cover his worthless azz.

*NOTE: DW explained: Hat tip to SSgt Steele who called everyone junior to him a DW but not in a bad way.  As in:  Ah, Private Jones.  Good to see you sweetheart.  Come here DW.

Now if anyone thinks this is the end of the road for the Russian collusion story or attempts to impeach PDJT, guess again heroes.  PMSNBC was all over PDJT “hoping” the shifter could see his way clear to let the Flynn investigation go.  (Read the following in your best Gomer Pyle voice)  IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!  IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE! IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!  IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!  PMSNBC droned on and on last night. It was hilarious.  It reminded me of the Andy Griffin show where Gomer Pyle files a citizen’s arrest against Deputy Barney Fife, who was also apparently unavailable to fill the FBI Director spot.  After receiving a J-walking ticket from Deputy Fife, Gomer sees Fife pull a U-turn and runs after the cruiser shouting – CITIZEN’S ARREST!  CITIZEN’S ARREST!  CITIZEN’S ARREST!  CITIZEN’S ARREST!  Hilarity ensues.

The shifter also admitted to being a leaker.  That's a big problem.  The shifter is an admitted leaker.  So what does this mean for the chick - Reality Winner - who got caught leaking classified material?  Were I Reality's lawyer, I'd definitely get the shifter and Shrillda the Hutt on  my witness list and ask what the difference is between them leaking and releasing material for purely political reasons and her releasing essentially the same kind of info for "the good of the country." 

Note:  I blame the parents for this girl's problems.  Anyone who names their child Reality when the last name is Winner is setting the kid up for problems.  What, the first names "Biggest", "Today's", "The"  were just too common or campy?  

I’m pretty sure Lex’s take on the shifter’s testimony was spot on.  This morning everyone is at the same time feeling vindicated and disappointed.  I’m certain a book is already in the making with about a 1,000 pages of pure shape shifter BS.  If he uses the book profit to buy an island, we will all know exactly what the spineless $h!t is up to.  (If you missed it, see post below for the answer.)

The good news:  The shape shifter is gone.  The swamp is down one swamp creature.

The bad news:  Only 10,000,000 more swamp creatures to go. 

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