Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Russian interference is a given

As near as I can tell the argument for investigating the circumstances of possible collusion between PDJT and Russia goes something like this: “Currently there is no evidence of collusion.  That’s why we need to investigate.”  Well, there is no evidence that Lex is a Werewolf – from London* or anywhere else.  So I suppose that means that there are calls from somewhere in the deep state to investigate Lex to prove that he is in fact a Werewolf

*NOTE: Don’t bother.  I was curious as well.  The song Werewolf from London was recorded by Warren Zevon in 1978 and is on the Excitable Boy album.  You just don’t get this stuff anywhere else.

Here’s the bombshell of all bombshells in all of this.   Brennan admitted what we all knew.  The Russians have been interfering in US elections since the 1960s.  So why all of the sudden interest in Russian interference in our election?  ANSWER:  Because Shrillda the Hutt took a historic and embarrassing azzwhippin’ and there needs to be a reason other than her total incompetence and lack of a coherent Demo-Dope message other than *uck whitey, *ucK the working class, *uck everyone that isn’t a like-minded fringe lunatic bent on the destruction of America.  What used to be the fringe lunatic wing of the Dope Party is now its base.

Russian interference in US elections has been on-going since at least the 60s.  The government has known about Russian interference in the 2016 cycle for well over a year before the first vote was cast.  No one gave a $h!t about it until the Hutt took her epic well-deserved azzwhippin’.  Then it was all Russia all of the time.  The 3,000 federal investigative bodies have been investigating PDJT and his campaign staff for over a year now and have turned up exactly nothing, squaduche, zero, null, nil, nada, zip, zilch…yet we still need to get to the bottom of this.  We’ve reached the bottom and are now digging to other side of the world to get to the top of it.  This is a perfect example of your incompetent federal government wasting your hard earned Yankee tax dollars. 

NOTE: I’m off for a few day for a few days.  The back up well here at the compound is acting up; I need to rotate ammo stocks; fam fire the 106; relocate the quad 50s; reinforce the tank traps; restring some of the barbwire coils and lube all of the belt fed ammo.

This always happens.  Whenever the site meter goes over three the momentum is broken by maintenance here at the compound.  I’ll try to post now then.  But you are on your own for the most part over the next week.

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