Tuesday, May 02, 2017

President Donald J. Trump versus Rat establishment Republicans

When Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court, Lex announced, “Mission Accomplished.”  Sadly, for the Caligula, D.C. Rat establishment Republicans Gorsuch’s confirmation was seen as mission complete.  The ReR have not been able to get one thing of substance done since.    

Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags, who have campaigned against Robertscare during 3 consecutive election cycles, have had 6 ½ years to come up with a plan to repel and replace it.  They even passed dozens of repeal bills when they knew that The Empty Suit would veto their efforts.  Then when the opportunity arrived to finally get rid of it, the weasels had nothing.  They couldn’t simply resurrect one the of the dozens of plans that they had already passed over a six year period to pull the plug on Robertscare when they knew TES would veto the bill.   Why?

I seriously do not know why.  If I had to guess, I’d go with the simplest answer.  The majority of Republicans don’t want to repeal Robertscare.  Shockingly, all the bluster about repealing Robertscare was nothing more than campaign lies.  Lex. A politician lying to constituents?  Say it ain’t so!  Yes, I too am shocked, shocked I tell you to learn a politician would say things that are not true just to win an election.

The result is that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between ReRs and Demo-Dopes in Caligula, D.C.  I like the Pat Buchanan theory that goes, the Republican and Democrat parties have become nothing more than separate wings of the same bird taking it to the same place.

Nothing demonstrates the truth in Buchanan’s statement more plainly than the latest continuing resolution to fund the government.  Rat establishment Republicans control the House of Representative, the Senate and the White House yet the latest CR looks as if Chuckles the clown Schumer, Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser and the Communist Party wrote it. 

PDJT has to realize, and I’ll bet that he does, that anything he wants to get done, he’ll have to do it himself.  Stinkin’ Rat establishment Republicans are going to be less than no help.  They will actively oppose PDJT at every turn as if they themselves were Dopes – and for all intent and purpose, they are.

PDJT ought to give the ReRs one more chance.  If they remain more determined to screw PDJT and the American people than getting something done, PDJT should declare himself an independent – which he is – and ditch the ReR Party altogether.  Nah, that'd make things worse.  But I’d like to see him bash the ReRs good.

Dealing with unruly passengers at the gate
There have been several cases of how the airlines are dealing with non-compliant passengers at the gate.  None of them have made the airlines look good.  The simple way to deal with these azzbags – am I the only one who thinks you should listen to the flight crew – is good old fashion collective punishment.  I can still hear the Platoon Sergeant at Camp Upshur, Quantico, VA bellowing, “STOP!  JUST STOP!” during drill one day.  He continued, “The entire platoon is out of step with Candidate Sanfilippo.  Get down and give me 10.  Not you Sanfilippo.  You were the only one in the entire platoon who was in-step.”  We’ve all taken a few laps when someone else jumped off-sides during two-a-day football practices.  The thing is, collective punishment works.

So the next time there’s an unruly passenger at the gate, the pilot comes on over the intercom and does that pilot thing, “Well ladies and gentlemen were at the gate at ground altitued going nowhere at zero miles per hour while trying to get this beautiful McDonald Douglas MD 1180 off the ground and on its way to wonderful Los Angeles where it’s sunny and 78 degrees.  Unfortunately, not everyone on our aircraft today wants to get there.  They are being uncooperative with our very professional fight crew.  So, for your safety we’re going to have to de-board the aircraft and try it again.  The sooner we’re able to de-board and re-board, the sooner we’ll be able to get on our way to LA.  Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for flying Delta where your safety is our greatest concern. Now get the F**K off of my airplane.  We’re not going anywhere until you learn to cooperate.”   

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