Tuesday, May 23, 2017

By today's standards, Germany's invasion of Poland was a series of "lone wolf" attacks

Every public statement following every act of Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s inexplicable carnage follows the same form:  The terrorists will never win blah, blah, blah, lone wolf blah, blah, blah, religion of peace blah, blah, blah, will bring the perpetrators to justice blah, blah, blah, no backlash against peaceful Muslims blah, blah, blah, we will continue to live our lives as free people blah, blah, blah…

If you parse the never ending government statements following never ending ITF cowardly acts of terror you quickly realize it is all BS.  Standard statement:  The ITF will never win.  BS.  They have beaten the spineless a-hole ruling class globalist politicians into submission.  These ruling class azzbags are open borders dirtbags arguing to allow ITF $h!theads to flow freely from country to country under the guise of being refugees.  Here in the US the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags, who cannot win elections, resort to the Lefty Lib courts to suspend the most common sense of common sense laws regarding entry into the country.  The sentiment “the ITF will never win” may be correct, but the defeat of fifth column that the ruling class scumbags have allowed to live among us will have a lot more to do with ordinary people (who, by the way, are the only ones ever killed in these BS attacks) taking on the ITF through elections and, yes, direct action than a bunch of effete, elite, clueless, globalist BS artists with armored cars, gated living accommodations, private and/or government security.

Standard statement:  This appears to be the work of a lone wolf.  BS.  Seems to me if these events occur every-other-day, it cannot be the work of a “lone wolf.”  What does the word “lone” mean?  According to globalist excrement heads it means any number from between 1 and infinity.  If there is a common underlying motive for the attacks – and there are 100s of attacks – the attackers are not lone wolves.  The underlying motive may be singular, but the attacks certainly are not.  Also, would these azzbags globalists consider Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin etc. lone wolves? 

Standard Statement:  Islam is a religion of peace.  BS.  It may be a religion of peace if you happen to be 100% in lock step with the most radical elements of the religion, but for the rest of us it is a religion spawning violence against ANYONE who might vary by one mil left or right of its BS 12th century way of thinking.

Standard Statement:  We will bring the perpetrators of this heinous act to justice.  BS.  The perpetrators will either be dead or gladly enter western court systems to make their cases in a court of law.  There is no justice for the dirt bags but a very public execution with a bullet dipped in pork fat after every last bit of information has been wrung out of by months of enhanced interrogation.

Standard Statement:  We have to be careful of a backlash against peace loving Muslims.  BS.  There should be a backlash of decent people against anyone who doesn’t openly condemn the action.  The fifth column among us should not be able to go about their business praising and excusing the actions of the barbarians, using our laws, freedoms and customs to further undermining our way of life.  They should be deported surveilled and their views made very public and condemned across the board.  Yeah, you are either with us or against us.  Guess what, Black thugs Matter, AntiFa, Revs? Jesse, Al, Louie and Jerry along with about 90% of the SJW crowd would come down against us. They all deserve a backlash.

Standard Statement:  We will continue to live our lives as free people.  BS.   We are standing in line at nearly every public place to allow “the authorities” to poke through our stuff.  We are stripping down at airports.  We change our language and speech so as not to offend the people intent on killing us or worse being labeled an islamophobe.  We are not living as free people.  If we were we would have the common sense to secure our border.  We would treat ITF as enemy combatants not perps of crimes as if they were caught j-walking where they lawyer up attack us using our own western values that they despise.  Look at the video of the stampede to get out of the concert hall last night after the explosion and tell me that is how free people act.

Bottom line:  We will never be free people again until we admit and state clearly and forcefully in a loud voice, “ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM!”

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