Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I'll help pay for the wall

Go fund me the wall
One of Lex’s well-worn notes on federally funded abortion is, “Pay for your own damn abortion.”  I expect that many of the open borders crowd have the same reaction to building the wall, “Build your own damn wall.”   Well, let’s do it!

DHS and the PDJT administration should explore public funding of the wall.  No seriously.  Sell bonds - to be repaid when/if the congress ever pulls its collective head out of its azz - for the express purpose of building the wall.  Sell sponsorship for each mile of the wall like they note who is cleaning up certain miles of our highways  - this mile of our national security is brought to you by Kiwanis International. Sell advertising on the wall.  Sell tickets to watch construction and even to participate in some way – charge a $150 for a ticket to drive the roach coach snak vehicle* from one site to the next.  Why not?

*The roach coach is a real money maker.  A Marine would drop a 5 ton truck on his buddy to get a good place in line when the roach coach would sound its distinctive horn.

DHS head John Kelly could show a map of proposed sites to begin construction.  Each one mile site would have an estimated price tag and would be prioritized.  Folks could go to a web site and contribute to whatever mile they wanted constructed.  Large donors would be recognized on the materials used to construct the wall – like stain glass windows in a church that note the patron who sponsored it. 

Conservatives do not wait for our incompetent government to do what needs to be done.  Someone should grab the bull by the horns and set up a high tech go fund me page for building the wall.  I’m in for a C note if I can get an autopen signed picture of it with PDJT standing there in his signature red MAGA hat with both thumbs up.

Demo-Dopes love a loser
In his award winning role as General George Patton, George C. Scott uttered the famous words, “Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser.” 

Demo-Dopes have improved upon Patton’s line, “Demo-Dopes love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser, unless the loser is Shrillda the Hutt then we’ll make a list of excuses from here to the moon to cover her mile wide azz.”

The Hutt herself took to the airwaves to offer up her own list excuses for losing the most winnable election in American history.  She had the use of her impeached, disbarred, disgraced louse of a husband’s last name – which oddly Dopes still revere.  She had the support of The Empty Suit’s coalition.  She had more money than most countries.  She had the entire MSM, Hollywood, entertainment and sports industries behind her extra wide behind.  She won the popular vote on the strength of CA and NY and still took the biggest Electoral College azzwhippin’ of any candidate who won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College.

The Hutt laid her azzwhippin’ at the feet of the usual suspects.  Terrible lazy candidate,  bloated unresponsive staff, no message except, I’m a woman and not Trump.  Wait a minute.  That’s the truth.  What the Hutt blamed her loss on was Comey and Wikileaks.  She never mentioned that Comey was investigating her dumbazz idea of running a private server out of the bathroom of some mom and pop IT firm and never contends that one thing in the Wikileaks dump was not true.  Then she blamed her loss on being a woman.  HEY IDIOT!  You’d be a third rate lawyer at a second rate law firm if not for your sex and last name.  Shut up and go away.

Trying to prove the point that America may not tolerate a loser but it will happily embrace a sore loser, Shrillda the Hutt then declared herself part of the resistance.  Let’s hope they elect the dumbazz as their president.  They deserve each other.

Budget deal
I'm willing to give PDJT until September to get a good budget deal.  I'm not willing to give Paulie Walnuts an inch of latitude.  Why is that guy still there?  He is the Shirillda the Hutt of the Republican Party - a loser.  Bring Newt in to run the House.  Let Paulie assume a role he is qualified for - a back bencher policy wonk.  Leadership is clearly not his thing.  Remember, Trump carried WI.  Paulie couldn't deliver WI when he ran as Romney's VP.  

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