Monday, May 15, 2017

Boob Schieffer on how the Kennedy Assassination is just like a Little League baseball game and the Comey firing

If you had any doubt about the post under and PDJT living rent free inside the Lefty Libs’ empty heads, check out this piece on the 190 year old Boob Schieffer’s take on Comey getting axed.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Comparing the Comey firing to the Kennedy assassination is ridiculous on its face.  Schieffer somehow is perfectly comfortable making the comparison.  PDJT has to go to bed every night laughing his butt off at his effect on these ultramaroons.

NOTE:  I do not know why the term ultramaroon is flagged by Bill Gates as a spelling error.  Doesn’t anyone at Microsoft watch Bugs Bunny?  For clarification, the Urban Dictionary defines ultramaroon as an “extreme moron.” 

You’re exactly right, Boob.  Except for:
A Rifle
A book Depository
A motorcade
A governor getting shot
A president getting killed
A harried drive to the hospital
A nation-wide man-hunt
A world-wide military alert
An assassin himself being assassinated
An assassin's assassin then dying of of cancer
A real Russian connection
A real Cuban connection
A Zupruder 8mm film capturing the shootings
A grassy knoll theory
A vice president being sworn in on board AF 1
A funeral covered world-wide
30 days of mourning
50 years of reflection 
1,000 conspiracy theories  

And about 10,000,000 other polar opposite differences, The Kennedy assassination and the Comey firing are EXACTLY the same, Boob. 

The ONLY similarity I see is the 24-7 salivating coverage by the news.  But even that isn’t the same.  Back in 1963, it could probably be argued that 100% of the MSM wasn’t 100% fake news.  When we saw JFK’s casket we were pretty sure the body of JFK was inside.  If the hacks running the MSM these days were in charge, they'd probably fake the entire thing.

Exit question:  If white males are soooooo $h!tty to lefty Libs, why are these fossilized dried up old prunes, like Schieffer, Rather, Brokaw, Woodward and Bernstein, still relevant to them? 

Jimmy the fib clap Clapper
When a woman suffering from an extreme case of Trump derangement syndrome claimed that PDJT was undermining the American people’s faith in the MSM, Lex’s response was: PDJT is not undermining the American people’s faith in the MSM.  The MSM is undermining the American people’s faith in the MSM.  PDJT is only pointing out what a vast majority of us already know – the MSM is crooked.

My response to Jimmy the fib clap Clapper’s assertion that US institutions are being “eroded” by PDJT is the same.  PDJT is not eroding US institutions.   US institutions are eroding US institutions.  PDJT is only pointing out what a vast majority of us already know – US institutions are being eroded by scandal.  To wit:
An FBI that lays out an ironclad case against a white collar criminal but offers no charges
The IRS targeting conservative organizations
Snoops spying on American citizens
Congress exempting themselves from insane laws they force onto the rest of us
DoJ running guns to Mexican drug cartels
EPA criminalizing conservative business models
Police standing about watching someone getting mugged for wearing a MAGA hat
Feral know-nothings, acting like Islamo-Terror-Fascist, shouting down and assaulting anyone who has a different point of view.

Eight years of The Empty Suit militarizing “US institutions” against the American people and US institutions going along with it, have eroded US institutions.  PDJT is just pointing out what most of us know – US institutions are the deep state put in place to undermine PDJT and the will of the American people.  

Scoopgate and Tapegate
The latest thing the MSM and Demo-Dopes are in a tizzy about, other than PDJT getting two scoops of ice cream after dinner*, is PDJT “threatening” Jimmy the shape Shifter Comey with releasing tapes of the their dinner conversation. 

*Note:  The only big deal about ice creamgate is that the Timers at the dinner are so petty that they noticed that PDJT got an extra scoop, like a cry baby at a 6 year old’s birthday party, are so supercilious as to report it as real news, and were too timid to say to the White House staff, “Hey do you think you could scare up another scoop of ice cream fro me?”

Do you believe in coincidents in Caligula, D.C.?  Me neither.  So PDJT tells Comey to watch what he says about their conversations because there might be tapes.  Later that day Comey declines to testify before congress.  2 + 2 = (what)? 

My guess is that everything at the White House is recorded twice.  First by PDJT and second by the deep state spying on PDJT hoping for an impeachable offense.  

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