Monday, December 03, 2007

How much peace can we stand

It is a well know fact, that aside from daily bombings, beheadings and mass murder of innocents that it is best known for, Islam is the religion of peace. Well that well know advocate for peace is at it again. Muslim rioters are again burning Paris but this time they are also beating and shooting police by the fire light.

Over in the Sudan, peaceful acolytes of Mohammad took to streets shouting “Kill her.” The “her” in this case is some hapless matronly looking Brit female teacher named Gillian something or other. Her crime against the religion of peace was letting her Muslim school children name a Teddy bear Mohammed. Well what else could you do besides kill her for something as egregious as that? If you let this slide, what’s next? Cartoons of Mohammed?

Mainstream Muslims in Saudi Arabia are OK with putting a 19 year old rape VICTIM away for six months after 200 lashes because she was out in public with a male who was not a family member. You’d think, at minimum, President Clinton would speak up for this poor gal. After all, how would he ever get a date in Saudi Arabia with such rules?

Hamas led Gaza Palestinians marched in the street against Arab peace talks with Israelis at Annapolis. That is an odd position for adherents to the religion of peace. One might think that “religion of peace” and “peace talks” would kind of go together. When dealing with Muslims, one would be wrong.

Meanwhile back here in the states, the only Muslims making a peep about any of the outrages being perpetrated in the name Mohammed are flying Imams and Muslim social organizations like CAIR who sue anyone who says that they not being aggressive enough in speaking out against the outrages. Weird huh.

Pols insist on calling Islam the religion of peace. Now I know that our politicians would never mislead or lie to us. Is anyone else getting the feeling that maybe the overwhelming majority of Muslims are complicit by their silence with all of this violence? How come there are never any worldwide MUSLIM counter demonstrations against the savagery perpetrated by “radical Islamists” in the name of their faith?

Would the Pope sit silently by while 10% of Catholics went around the world blowing up and beheading non-Catholics in his name and the name of Jesus Christ? I kinda doubt it.

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