Friday, November 30, 2007

CNN Republican Debase a caraciture of Conservatives

The Clinton News Network lived up to its call letters during the Republican Debase. CNN supposedly received over 5,000 questions. They used 37. Of those 37 questions from what were touted as mainstream undecided voters, 6 or 7 ~ 20% were from hardcore Dem operatives.

When this was first revealed to the new face of CNN, Anderson Cooper, Cooper claimed that that was a problem but that he had no idea the people were plants. Well, one of two things, Cooper is a liar or he’s a dope. He can pick which it is. Bloggers knew who these people were before the graphic showing their names had faded. Yet CNN can't figure it out?

CNN later hung Cooper out to dry claiming that it was unimportant who they were but what they asked. Well which is it Coop? Look I could care less who asks the questions. In fact I’ll go one step further and say it’s probably better to have Dems asking the Reps questions and vise versa at these debates. But to claim that these people are "mainstream undecided voters" is a LIE.

CNN has a bunch of pathetic losers asking the Dems softball sympathetic questions like, “Shrillda Beast, the great and compassionate, I had to go out and actually use my own money for Band Aides last week when little Johnny fell down and scraped his knee. What, in all of your great wisdom and unending caring for us little people, are you going to do to provide Band Aides for the children?” The entire gabfest boils down to one huge assault on the national pocketbook.

At the Rep debate you get openly hostile questions like, “Rudy, is it true that after you stopped beating your third wife and all of your children, even the illegitimate ones, you gave marriage counseling to Drew and Stacy Peterson?”

Those questioners that weren’t Dem operatives were for the most part caricatures of conservatives. The questioners CNN chose by and large depicted Conservatives about as accurately as using the picture above to depict blacks. Way to go CNN.

A Serious Republican debate would have top tier candidates renting a hall on their own; inviting a pool of reporters and cameras in to record the event and Tim Russert in to moderate. If any network wanted to go live they could. We need to get away from the corrupt agenda driven media running these things.

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