Monday, November 26, 2007

How great the world would be if America were imperialistic

In an interview with a British Muslim magazine, the Archbishop of Canterbury, some (g)assbag named Rowan Williams, fired a broadside at the United States alluding that our actions against Islamo-Terror-Fascists are imperialistic and saying they had led to “the worst of all worlds”.

Hmm, worse than the Dark Ages; worse than when Hitler, Mussolini and Togo (real imperialist all) were murdering, burning and raping; worse than Stalin murdering millions and gobbling up one Eastern European nation after another; worse than the current bunch of religious weasels murdering innocent people in every corner of the world in the hope of forming – dare I say it – an imperial worldwide caliphate; the US is worse than all that Rowan? I think Rowan has all of the credibility of Keith Olbermann’s worse this or that here.

It’s rather telling that brave, brave Rowan chose to give his interview to the Muslim magazine from the safe confines of England. I’d love to see brave Rowan dawn his Archbishop of Canterbury garb and head into the back allies of any major Muslim city in search of a similar interview. No doubt the next time Rowan would be seen was kneeling before hooded Muslim imperialist right before they severed his empty head from the rest of his worthless body.

Then, let’s play this game. Suppose by some miracle of fate Rowan is right and America is an imperialistic power – even the worst of all time. How could that be a bad thing? Instead of everyone flowing unencumbered across our southern border, we could go to their country and take it over. Bring in the Big Macs, iPods, cheep beer and big cars and wala a little America. How can Rowan think that that’s bad? Would it be better if the communist Chinese did it, or some Muslim theocracy?

I predict that within the next several months, perhaps even before this year is out, some disaster will strike. There will be an earthquake, a fire, a flood, or an act terror perpetrated by Rowan’s dear friends. Rowan will wail, “will no help these people?” And someone will. Imperial America.

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