Monday, November 19, 2007

Why arn't the dogs barking?

Can you hear the sound of the dog NOT barking? The non-barking dog in this case isn’t Sherlock Holmes’ discovery of the non-barking dog in Silver Blaze. The non-barking dog in this case is Iraq.

Gone are the morbid daily death totals of Americans. Gone are the nightly videos, many supplied by terrorists, of bombings of US convoys. Gone are CNN’s and the left’s delight of Islamo-terror-fascist snipers shooting Americans in the streets.

It seems, for now anyway, that the Dems and MSM homeboys are getting a pretty good arse whippin’ from US troops led by that incompetent traitor Gen. Petraeus. So for now, the Iraq war, which received the daily lead with the whining Dem and irresponsible MSM when things were not so well, is nothing more than a sleeping dog when US forces are kicking the ITF’s arse.

Landman Harry Reid and his MSM lackeys remind me of a home team football crowd booing and calling for the coach’s head, angry and throwing things onto the field when their team is behind by field goal at halftime in the big game. They sit around during the halftime show complaining of everything, drinking a beer and throwing down a nacho letting everyone know about how much more clever they are than anyone on the team. Then the loud mouthed Bozos are forced to sit in a stunned silence, filled with seething anger and disbelief as they watch the home team, with a new quarterback, throw up five TDs in the first three minutes of the second half.
One might almost sympathize with Harry and his weasel MSM buds were we talking about the latest OSU Michigan game and fans that just want to win. But we’re not talking about football for crying out loud. We’re talking about American security. And for all of their obstruction and defeatism, it’s hard to fathom that Harry and the MSM actually want America to win rather than George Bush to lose.

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