Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Proud as a peacock, dumb as a hoe handle

The NBC peacock has gone green, well for 150 hours anyway. What more can we expect from hypocrite Libs? I was watching Sunday Night Football and noticed the green peacock bug in my screen's lower left corner. Hmm, St. Patrick’s Day is in March, have they destroyed another American tradition, I wodered?

Then the halftime show came on and they were using candles to light the set. Were they continuing on with a Halloween theme? It was only after Bob Costas noted that by turning off the klieg lights, they were saving enough electricity to power one house for one month that the “NBC has gone green” theme hit home.

How truly Liberal. I saved enough electricity to power one house for one month. Now go get my fleet of Suburbans to get me and my entourage to the airport so we can hop on my G-5 private aircraft to get me back to my 28,000 square foot home in time for the after game party.

If NBC wanted to make a statement about saving electricity, why didn’t they forgo Sunday NIGHT Football in favor of Sunday Morning Football? Then they could have turned out the stadium lights and saved enough electricity to power ten houses for ten years. Why don’t they forgo studio lights altogether. Broadcast everything outdoors in natural light and end all NBC broadcasting at sundown? Not only would such a plan save electricity, it would save the viewing public from Keith Olbermann in prime and other NBC banalities like turning off studio lights. All of this is nothing more than a transparent effort by NBC to look concerned rather than actually be concerned.

Then NBC cut to Brian Williams broadcasting live from a snow cave in the arctic. Yeah right. No doubt there was enough NBC equipment up there scaring the pristine arctic tundra to sink a couple of oil wells which is exactly what we ought to be doing so that we can have enough oil for the dopes at NBC to turn their klieg lights back on.

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