Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pelosi and the tower of Babel

Nancy Pelosi wants to require companies to hire people who do not speak English. This all stems from an amendment that would protect employers like the Salvation Army from federal lawsuits for requiring their workers to speak English. That amendment seems reasonable enough to me. I’m in business to sell things. It seems sensible for me to hire people who speak the predominate language of the land.

Think of the consequences of Pelosi’s idiocy. As if ordering a hamburger at the local drive thru wasn’t already tedious enough, throw in a Somali guy with no English skills and the lunch line will be three miles long by 12:30. But that’s the good news. Imagine showing up in the emergency room with appendicitis attack but the Russian speaking Dr. and Chinese nurse decide that it’s your left foot giving you problems and cut it off. Does anyone remember the Bible story about the Tower of Babel?

And if this lunacy is accepted, guess where it’ll be the most pronounced? Where all lunacy is the most pronounced, in government jobs that’s where. So the annual trip to the DMV, already as welcome an experience as a visit to the proctologist, becomes an even bigger nightmare when you end up at the window with the Portuguese speaking illegal alien from Brazil.

By an 80-20 margin Americans think that English ought to the official language of the United States. As such, the Reps should be able to pound the Dems on this issue like a methed up biker playing that whack a mole game for a new Harley.

Knowing how this issue splits among the American people, do think that the MSM will ask the Shrillda Beast or that nice black man what they think about this issue? I’ll bet not. In the course of Rudy answering MSM questions about his position on abortion for millionth time, he ought to ask the MSM to pose a question to Shrillda on grandma Pelosi’s lame brained idea.

Shrillda will answer with her typical yes, no, maybe so non-answer answer and the MSM will head for the fainting couch and a dose of salts, overcome by how savvy she is and declaring once again, Shrillda IS the smartest woman in the world. But does that depend on what the meaning of the word “is” is?

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