Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spitzer's an idiot and, of course, it's Bush's fault

Yesterday New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer scrapped his harebrained plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens. In his concession speech, Spitzer took a trick from the Hillda Beast and blamed the whole controversy on, who else, President Bush.

That was her third or fourth position on this issue, when she was neither for it nor against it and before she was both for and against it after being squarely for it before finally reading the latest 75-25% against poll and coming out firmly against it. The Hillda Beast makes John Cambodia Kerry look like a model of consistency.

We all know how this tack goes. Take an issue, the demise of the buggy whip industry for example. Then listen to the rant: “100 years ago George Bush stood by and did nothing while this vital American industry disappeared. Now we’re faced with the children and grandchildren of buggy whip manufactures teetering on the brink of disaster because George Bush is a heartless creep who’d rather see hard working Americans, and even harder working illegal aliens kicked to the curb so Halliburton executives can make a few 100s of millions more to fund his illegal war, which by the way is a quagmier.”

Well here’s a note to Hillda Beast and Spitzer. President Bush supported the lame brained “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill. It was about 80% of America who rose up said NO WAY JOSE or should that be NO WAY JOE that killed that dopey idea – at least temporarily - not President Bush. Your argument is with the American people not "this administration."

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