Friday, November 02, 2007

Tax cuts for the rich and the failed war

After being scolded by the president for about the 10th time in as many days as a pretty much worthless congress, botox big eyes Nancy Pelosi struck back with the “I know you are but what am I” retort of Dem pols. Pelosi said all that this president has to show for his time in office are tax cuts for the rich and this failed war.

Hmm, which war? The one in Afghanistan or Iraq or the wider war on terror in general? One was success, one’s headed in that direction and the last is a 40 year war, sort of this generation’s “Cold War” that Dems refuse to admit exists. Pelosi has forgotten our success in Afghanistan; ignores the on going success in Iraq and doesn’t believe we’re in a long-term low-intensity world war with Islamo-terror-fascists.

Bush’s tax cuts, as is always the case with tax cuts, have led to unprecedented economic growth, job growth, low inflation, while providing the ditzes, like Pelosi, that we send to Washington with record breaking tax receipts to the US Treasury. Congress has spent that money as if it were a ten year old at the arcade with a roll of quarters from dad, spend it all then ask for more and more and more.

Then there was the whole 9-11 thing but no follow-on attacks since. Oh yeah, we’re not supposed to mention that. And how about the EP-3 incident with China early in 2001 when a bigheaded Chinese fighter pilot played tag with one our surveillance planes and got a swim in the South China Sea for his trouble. That event seems like pretty small potatoes today, but at the time it was a “crisis.” But since Bush handled it well, let’s just forget about it.

So now, Pelosi, when confronted with her absence of leadership…I’d say poor leadership but that would indicate that there was leadership…, stands like a greasy, overweight, toothless, trailer dwelling piece of white trash, dressed in stained spandex in front of her dilapidated doublewide with the sagging porch and a couple of rusting 60s vintage cars on blocks in the weed infested, overgrown front yard - except for the spots where the five dogs are kept on short chains for so long that vegetation refuses to grow under their constant pacing - complaining that the neighbor’s house looks a mess.

Good grief, what’s next, Fat Teddy moralizing on the need to immediately report traffic accidents to the police?

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