Friday, November 16, 2007

No win debates

The Dems had another no win debate last night. How do I know it was a “no win” debate? I know because there were no headlines in the morning paper saying “Shrillda Beast launches f-bomb laden attack on ‘the boys’” or “Billary says she’ll declare economic martial law on companies earning a profit.”

Because no such headlines appeared, I assume Queen Shrill will maintain her 29% lead over the “boys.” I didn’t watch. I was engaged in a much less predictable activity than watching a Democrat presidential blab fest. I added 2+2 on my calculator over and over and watched in amazement as, just as in Dem debates, the same answer popped up every time I hit the = sign.

I’m sure the candidates thought they were blazing new ground when they repeated the same sound bite tested 30 and 60 second answers to any conceivable question. It goes like this:

Well thank you (Fill in the blank - but under no circumstance use the wrong name) for that very important question on (Fill in the blank). As you know I’ve spent 30 years working for the American people on issues such as this. Were it not for that cretin in the White House today, this nation would we would have long ago solved the problem of (Fill in the blank.) When I’m president, we’ll spend (Make sure you use a figure higher than any of your opponents – if you’re the first to answer, use the phrase, “whatever it takes”) and we’re gonna fix (Fill in the blank).

NOTE: If pressed for a clarification or a real answer by a subversive member of the press - which is unlikely, after all this is a Democrat debate – say, “First, I would form a bipartisan blue ribbon panel to study the problem of (fill in the blank).” Then repeat the above.

The obvious follow up would be, you say you’ve spent 30 years “fighting for (fill in the blank)”, why haven’t you fixed the problem after THIRTY YEARS OF FIGHTING, incompetence or stupidity?

And so it goes on every question for every candidate with a chance of winning. Guys like Biden and Kucinich will say dopey things like, “I saw UFO once” just to get attention.

Which brings me to Obama. Obama once said that VP Cheney was like a crazy uncle in the attic. Here’s Obama sharing a stage with a guy who claims to have seen a UFO and who does Obama call crazy? Hint, it’s not the moonbeam claiming to have seen the UFOs and that IS crazy.

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