Monday, December 10, 2007

This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds

Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Jay Rockefeller – or as he’s affectionately known on this page Jay Rockhead – is vowing to get to the bottom of the CIA destroying tapes of its agents interrogating terrorists.

First full disclosure, I hope that our CIA is torturing uncooperative maniacs trying to destroy the world. Second, if they are dumb enough to make movies of those “enhanced interrogations,” I hope that they are bright enough to destroy those tapes after they’ve served their useful purpose.

Now in an effort to get to the bottom of the destroyed tapes, J. Rockhead has sent subpoena over to the CIA demanding that Mr. Jim Phelps appear before his committee and explain what he knows about the hundreds of destroyed tapes he has witnessed. The CIA explained to Rockhead that Mr. Phelps was a fictional character in a TV series. Rockhead was having none of it. In statement to the MSM he lashed out, “Look, just because this Phelps guy is working undercover for Geico Auto Insurance is no reason he can’t come in and be debriefed about these self destructing tape the entire world knows about.”

Well, that’s about how stupid Dems are for making a big deal about this. I think we all know – and dare I say, for the most part, hope - that the CIA is engaged in certain unsavory activities. That’s why they exist – to do the things the local cops and the FBI can’t to protect us from Islamo-Terror-Fascists. So the tapes were destroyed – good. The next earth shattering news will be that “the secretary has disavowed all knowledge of the activity.” That will cause Rockhead to spend the next year trying to hang the whole thing around George Bush’s neck.

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Anonymous said...

If tapes were made showing interrogation of prisoners then destroyed two years later, I am wondering what laws were broken. What is the investigation about? I suspect it will last one or two news cycles. Until the next liberal demorat feigned outrage. These tapes will be forgotten like demorat attempt last month to do a slap-down of the Turks over someting that happened in 1915. Demorats need to work on their timing. They are always hitting a B flat. The Griffin.