Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The pope, Putin and evil

Is the pope really this out of touch?
Yes.  I believe he is.  While riding back to Europe, Pope Francis declared to reporters on his plane that walls are not the answer to the waves of illegal migrants flooding Europe and I guess the US.  Now recall the wall that surrounds the Vatican (Pics several posts below.)  While firmly ensconced behind the Vatican’s massive and ancient wall, Pope Frances proclaimed that “all walls fall.”  Walls are not the answer.  OK what is?  Well according to the pope “dialogue among different nations will find the solution” to the current migration. 

Dialogue with whom?  Syria?  Who in Syria?  Assad?  Why would he have any interest in stemming the flow of military aged young men who might return to Syria to throw him out?  With ISIS?  That’s nuts.  With Syrian rebels being hammered by Assad’s Russian backed troops on one side and ISIS on the other?  Hey there’s a great idea.  I’ll bet the rebels would love to have a few 10s of thousands of refugees join up to stem their dwindling numbers.   Too bad this administration is too inept to get them any equipment to defend themselves. 

I do not really think that the pope is speaking about dialoguing with anyone in Syria to get the refugees back from which supposedly they came.  I think he’s speaking about dialoguing with the EU and the biggest sap on the stage - the good ol’ US of A about getting the “refugees” a new and permanent home.  Never has an invading army so obviously bent on changing Europe been welcomed in to do their work.  I’d call the “refugees” a Trojan horse, but the Trojans had disguise their army as gift.  This Muslim invasion is openly walking into Europe, and this pope instead of acting as past popes have, raising an army to fight the Muslim invaders, wants to dialogue about how best to accommodate the invaders. 

When the Vatican accepts a representative number “refugees” within their confines and deals with the massive food riots and Muslim refugees attacking Christian refugees, I’ll pay attention.   Until then, my response is, “Mr. Pope tear down your wall!” 

Putin is figuratively kicking The Empty Suit’s azz
We can still hope that soon he will literally be kicking TES’s azz – a good ol’ fashion Harry the roach Reid azz whippin’ requiring TES to sport sunglasses and an eye patch for about 6 months.  Actually it is probably more likely that TES’s hectoring nag of a wife will kick his azz for sneaking the last piece of pie and then they’ll try to blame it on Putin.

Beating Putin it seems to me wouldn’t be all that hard even with a TES inspired military in near ruin.

First, encourage oil and natural gas exploitation across America. 
Next, build or rent a fleet of tankers.
Then undercut the Russian economy by shipping energy to Europe.

At the same time, export all manner of defensive and offensive weapons to Ukraine, the Kurds and anti-Assad Syrian rebels.  Kill as many Russians troops in Ukraine and in the Middle East by proxy as possible while destroying his energy driven economy at home.  When he pulls out of the Middle East and stops harassing Ukraine and begs to normalize relations tell him, “fine just as soon as you get the hell out of Crimea.” 

This model worked for Reagan during the last years of the Cold War.  With a strong economy, it will work again.

A favorite Bible reading
Yesterday’s daily reading included Revelations 12: 7-9

War broke out in heaven;
Michael and his angles battled against the dragon.
The dragon and its angels fought back,
but they did not prevail
and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.
The huge dragon, the ancient serpent,
who is called the Devil and Satan,
who deceived the whole world
was thrown down to Earth,
and its angels were thrown down with it.

When this passage was read at a meeting recently, the speaker followed it with, “Brothers, do you know what that means?  WE ARE LIVING IN OCCUPIED TERRITORY!”  So when the pope made a plea to relativism by asking our congress not see things as black or white, good or evil, righteous or sinner, I’m reminded of two things Monsignor John preached.  First he said, “If you believe in good, you must also believe in evil.”  Next, “The biggest trick the Devil plays on us is to convince us that he does not exist.”

It’s crazy for a Johnny come lately to faith to get into a theological peeing contest with the Vicar of Christ, but hell yes the Devil is real and there is nothing wrong with calling evil – evil and not shading it to stay PC or avoid offending the evil doers – I’m thinking of Planned Parenthood, which truly is the work of the Devil, right now but there are plenty of other examples.  Think about it.  We are birthing live babies and chopping them up to sell their parts and this country will not even go so far as to withhold federal dollars for funding that activity.  And don’t even try the “The federal money does not go toward that activity” BS argument.  Money is fungible.  That’s like giving a welfare recipient $100 for food and then watch him load his groceries into a Ferrari.  If he tells you that he’s not using the food money to make his Ferrari payment, are you still inclined to give him the $100 for food?  Only if you are an idiot or a Demo-Dope, but I repeat myself.

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