Friday, September 18, 2015

Ahmed, Jake and America's Air Force

I don't know how I missed this.  Last night at a Trump rally some DNC/Jeb! plant asked a non-question question calling The Empty Suit a Muslim, alleging Muslim terror training camps are here in America and asking about getting rid of the Muslims.  Trump didn't take the bait.  He said we're looking into it.  Now the political class and the yacking class are all over the Donald for not condemning the plant who asked question.  This will add a point or two to Trump's lead.  If TES isn't a Muslim he's certainly a Muslim sympathizer.  There probably are several jihadi training camps in America.  Like his popular stance against illeagals, advocating for the deportation of Muslim jihadis isn't going to hurt Trump.  

Ahmed Mohammed
In an age where schools are suspending 8 year old right wing militia wannabes for chewing their pop tarts into the shape of a gun, hell yeah the Islamo-Terror-Fascist wannabe Ahmed Mohammed not only should have been arrested and suspended but he should be shipped off to G’itmo for waterboarding to find out what the future pizza shop bomber knows.

Instead of facing the ridicule of the left for chewing your breakfast pastry into the shape of a hand gun, young Ahmed done hit the jackpot for bringing a briefcase full of wires and circuit boards to school.  Ahmed has been invited to the Rainbow House by The Empty Suit.  There is long list of more deserving people who have not been invited to the Rainbow House: Kate Steinle’s family, families of murdered cops, the cops who shot dead the ITF a-holes in Texas, military families gunned  down by the ITF in TN, Lex etc.

But seriously, what do you expect?  TES is the same walking talking $h!t smear that invited a POS deserter’s parents to the Rainbow House Rose Garden to herald the second worst deal ever made – trading 5 high value enemy generals for a worthless POS deserter.  That deal has only recently been superseded by the Iran nuke deal as the worst deal ever made. 

Not only has Ahmed been invited to the Rainbow House but also MIT and Facebook.  Well done Ahmed.  Play that PC card all the way to a full ride to MIT and possible Nobel Prize for Science.  Why not - TES has a Nobel Prize for doing nothing?  Meanwhile Homeland inSecurity has the 8 year old pop tart villain and his family under 24-7 surveillance ready to pounce at a moment’s notice if the kid so much as makes a finger gun or picks up a stick, aims it another kid and simulates an automatic weapons noise.

Update:  I suspect that Ahmed was punking the school.  His interest in clock making extends only so far as a briefcase full of wires and circuit boards being lugged about by a Muslim would cause as stir.  

Jake Tapper and the CNN moderators
I figured out why didn’t care for much of the CNN debate.  First off, the first half hour was just a bad Jerry Springer episode.  The last half hour lost me because I just wanted it to end.  But overall Tapper’s entire performance reminded me of the playground snitch running from one popular kid to next telling him what some other kid had said about them in an effort to be liked and stir up trouble among the popular kids.

Tapper reminded of Unger in the movie The Longest Yard.  Unger was the low-life, loathsome inmate assigned to infiltrate the prison football team for the prison warden (Think DNC in this case.).  I am disappointed that so many of the Rat Reps took the bait and sided with Unger and the warden during the debate.  Pataki, Graham, Jindal, Paul, Jeb!, Walker and to a lesser extent Carly can all F-off for playing ball with Jake Unger and DNC.

Happy Birthday to America’s Air Force
Sep 18, 2015 marks the 68th birthday of America’s Air Force.  Happy birthday zoomies.  This day will always remind of a ceremony marking this occasion at US Central Command.  An Air Force general gathered us all into large conference room and after speechifying on the “proud history” of the Air Force led the zoomies in a rousing rendition of the Air Force song.  About half way through 3/4ths, not knowing the words, were just humming along.  But that’s not the funny part.  As we were leaving the room, cake in hand, some grizzled Marine Corps colonel groused, “47 years?  Humph! Hell Marines have been on patrols that lasted longer that.”  Anyhoo happy B-Day to America’s Air Force past and present.

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