Thursday, September 10, 2015

Europe's self inflicted destruction

What’s wrong with this picture?
Some reports say a large percentage of the Syrian refugees entering Europe are “single military aged men.”  Some say up to 60%.  So, why not segregate them.  Train them.  Give them weapons and boot their azzes back to Syria to fight ISIS and Assad for “their country”?

What is going on here is obvious enough for a child of three to see.  Yet lefty Libs cannot will not look at the picture and see the obvious.  The same thing happened at our southern border.  All of these “children” were allowed to pour across our border and only a few law enforcement types noticed that an awful lot of the “children” were actually 19 year old gang bangers. 

Having caused this problem by its cowardly lines in the sand, The Empty Suit and his empty headed Sec State have an obligation to do something I suppose.  My response would be to take all the money allocated to Planned un-Parenthood, NPR, PBS, NEA, the UN and other government waste and spend it on refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon.  If we take any refugees, they should be women and children under 5 and old men only.  Why children under the age of 5?  Well we’ve all seen the horrific picture of ISIS training children to cut off heads and murder.  So sad to F__ing bad, the rest go to refugee camps in Muslim countries where those governments will have no problem what-so-ever dealing with militants within. 

Europe is stupid beyond belief for importing people who will/have destroy/destroyed its culture from within.  Mark Steyn predicted the downfall of Europe to Muslims years before this latest influx.  Steyn predicted Europe’s downfall due demographics years ago.  Abortion, birth control and welfare state that allowed people to bump along at subsistent levels all contributed white European staying home and hanging out at the café rather than getting on with the business of working and raising a family. 

The US was partly to blame because for 60 years we subsidized the European welfare state.  Our nearly 100% guarantee of their defense allowed them to pour money that would have had to gone into the serious business defending themselves into frivolous social programs that allowed Europeans to populate the cafes and import low wage Muslims to do all of the dirty work.  Not too terribly unlike the US today where we have 94 million people out of the work force, but receiving up to $46,000 in government benefits, while importing low-wage illegal immigrants to the work.  

Why Kim Davis matters
Kim Davis is wrong.  Few dispute that.  What makes Davis a “hero” to some is NOT the fact that she refuses to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals.  What makes her a hero is that she is willing to go to jail for her convictions.   I don’t hear much about that.  Everyone just piles on the poor woman comparing her to a Muslim checkout clerk who refuses to touch pork products in a grocery store – no wait the court says the store must accommodate the Muslim checkout clerk in that case. 

I do not think Davis is hero for refusing homosexuals a marriage license.  She’s just a common criminal no different than the Shrilldabeast in that regard.  What makes her special is her willingness to accept responsibility and go to jail rather than abandoning her elected post.   If her actions are criminal, there is something about a person willing to accept the consequences of her civil disobedience.  That’s in stark contrast to the Shrilldabeast and her slack-jawed rapist husband who would throw as many women and children off the fantail of sinking ship as necessary to ensure a spot for themselves in the lifeboats.  The pig in a pantsuit is about as likely to say, “I’m willing to go to jail for my private e-mail server” as Homer Simpson is to say, “No thank you.  I’ve had enough bacon.” 

Here’s kind of an interesting scenario.  Davis goes back to jail for refusing to issue homosexuals marriage licenses.  She also refuses to let her clerks issue the licenses under name.  Then she sues the state for removing her name from the licenses issued to homosexuals by her office – the office she was elected to and is still responsible for.  Then she runs for re-election from her jail cell and is re-elected in a landslide as a write-in.

Homosexual marriage will run into the exact same problems that abortion is running onto.  Its folly will be exposed over time.  You cannot fool Mother Nature.  Natural law will have its way over time.   Maybe people will finally wake the hell up and wonder why the government can charge $35 for a piece of paper saying who can get married in the first place.  Once the government gets their greedy thieving fingers out of the equation, what purpose will there be for militant homosexuals to bitch about being married?

Like the European scenario, America will slide into demographic death spiral unless a premium is placed on work and children.  We are NEVER going to get a legitimate higher wage until we get rid of illegal labor.  The wage will rise only do to government interference through various “minimum wage” arguments.  And as the our population ages we will need to import more and more people to do the work.

I’d propose some kind of generous tax to American women who bear children.  That tax break would continue until the child reaches age 5 and then be diminished.  That would help the family until the child was up and abut on its own and offer incentive for another child.    

Wow too long gotta go.

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