Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Stupidity, stupidity and compassion

Stupidity I
Is the State Department spokesman – Mark Toner - the dumbest person on Earth, or just acting like it?  Does this dumbazz really think that things become more classified over time?   Holy crap redact all history books.  We cannot let Americans know the fact that our good friends the Japanese (or was it the Germans) bombed Pearl Harbor!    Or that the highest point in North America was once known as Mt. McKinley!  Or that we had a great Civil War to end slavery!  All of this has become more classified over time.  Idiot.

Stupidity II
In the post under, Lex describes the average Lib chick as sweaty, overweight with a mustache and toting a bag of double stuffed Oreos.  I left out - angry at the world.  The chick pictured above, one Monica Foy, is the poster girl.  You can bet she had just had her mustache waxed, her uni-brow plucked before snapping this pic and the bag of Oreos is just out of the frame.   After the execution of Sheriff Darren Goforth, this tribute to lefty lib thought tweeted:  I can’t believe so many people care about a dead cop and NO ONE has thought to ask what he did to deserve it.  He had creepy perv eyes…

The link identifies Foy as a resident of Woodlands, TX, just north of Huston and an English literature student at Sam Huston University.  Now if an entire fraternity at Old Dominion University can be suspended for crass signs about freshman women (see post several under), will Sam Huston bounce Mzzzzzzzzz. Foy for this thoughtless, insensitive and horrendous tweet?  No.  No they won’t.  At most universities, this hoglette is a protected class.

Compassion: Pope Francis surprising acts like the pope
The Vicar of Christ reached out to women who have had abortions.  This surprises me.  Not because Pope Francis reached out to the women, but because I had no idea that this issue required a papal edict for priests to offer forgiveness to women who have had a change of heart about their decision to abort a child.  Good for Pope Francis.  This is one issue that it can be said we’re winning. 

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