Friday, September 25, 2015

Is the pope Catholic?

That once self-evident question can now be answered with certitude – maybe.  I do not have a problem with 99% of what the pope said during his speech to a joint session of congress.  I am sadly disappointed by what he did not say. 

The pope did not open or close his remarks with a blessing.  Stunning.  Every single meeting I’ve ever attended at St. Vincent’s opened with a prayer and a blessing.

On immigration the pope never mentioned the 1.7 million legal aliens the US allows in every year.

The pope never mentioned that Vatican City is surrounded by a pretty impressive wall.  NOTE:  After the pope's call to view illegal aliens as "pilgrims," the Internet was flooded with pictures of the wall surrounding the Vatican.  Above are mine.

The pope never said he’d have the wall removed.

The pope never advocated for an orderly process for allowing immigrants into a country.

The pope never advocated for nation’s right to sovereignty.

The pope never addressed the political and economic systems that forced people to flee their native lands and flock to the US and Europe.

The pope never embraced the US political and economic system that has been the Siren’s call to the world.

The pope could not muster one line in his address for congress to end infanticide, but spoke at length calling on congress to end the death penalty in the US.

The pope asked us not see things in the extremes of good versus evil.  A call, I suppose, that allows one to ask for mercy and rehabilitation for murderers, rapist and terrorists while ignoring babies born alive and then dissected to sell the body parts during a 60+ minute address to congress.  If one can rationalize away Planned Parenthood’s body parts business as anything other than evil, then truly evil does not exist.

The pope praised Dorothy Day a radical leftist who worked for the poor, but again failed to utter a single word in defense of the economic system that has lifted millions upon million out of poverty and IS THE PRIMARY REASON IMMIGRANTS WANT TO MIGRATE TO AMERICA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The pope did not mention that 50% of the US budget is earmarked for entitlements and welfare payments for the poor.

The pope did not address radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East or radical homosexuals and Dope pols willing to strip Christians of their livelihoods here at home.

Make no mistake about it, the lefty libs will use every word the pope uttered to advance their agenda, which ironically includes destroying Francis’s church.  The pope’s silence on these issues is deafening.  In the artillery there is a maxim: Silence is consent.  In order to process missions quickly the only thing the Fire Support Coordinator wants to hear from his team are objections to various targets submitted for engagement.  If no one objects, it is assumed that the target is OK to be engaged.

I do not for one second believe that Pope Francis thinks the issues addressed above are OK.  But by his silence he allows the lefty libs maneuvering room to ignore them while giving them top cover for a whole host of political issues outside the pope’s purview. 

Way to go Francis.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

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