Monday, September 21, 2015

Ahmed, Donald and Ben

Ahmed the inventor
The one question all of Ahmed Mohammed’s fawning jackass supporters will never ask the wizard of Jihadi High “inventor”:  In an age when my $35 1” in diameter Timex wrists watch has 3 time settings, will chime on the hour if desired, 3 alarms with a digital display signifying when one of the alarms is active, a stopwatch that will also store up to a dozen individual lap times, a timer; it tells me the month day and year in 5 different formats, can display standard and military time – telling me if it’s AM or PM when set to the standard setting - what in the F___ is so special about an alarm clock that needs to be carried around in a brief case?

If Ahmed’s briefcase alarm clock is an example of his engineering acumen, he probably isn’t capable of making the first move in a Jenga game without causing the tower to fall over.

Now I do not believe Ahmed or his lying POS father are Islamo-Terror-Fascist, but I do believe that they are both punk M-Fers.  As such, as birds of a feather like to flock together, The Empty Suit has invited them to the Rainbow House.  There’s very little doubt in my mind that Ahmed is a useful idiot being used by his hateful POS old man.  They are perfect fits for Today’s Rainbow House idiot PsOS.

The Donald
Donald Trump has responded to criticism for not having “shut down” a question from a DNC/Jeb! plant at one of his rallies last week who accused The Empty Suit of being a Muslim.  The Donald tweeted that it wasn’t his job to defend TES’s reputation.  He’s right. 

The fact that 1/3rd of Americans believe that TES is Muslim is TES’s fault not Trump’s.  Had TES not spent 20 years sitting in the pew of an America hating Loowee Farrakhan loving double d-bag Rev?,  we’d think of him as nothing more than a godless $h!t.  But TES has combined all of that with his Moooslim apology tour, a NASA Moooslim outreach and inviting a BS Moooslim “inventor” to the Rainbow house.  F__k TES and all of the mock outrage against anyone thinking he might be a Muslim.  Who the eff really knows?  Whose fault is that people do not identify TES as a Christian? 

Musilm presidents
Ben Carson is in trouble for saying he “would not advocate for Muslim president.”  What’s the problem?  Who would?   It’s just more PC BS and faux outrage that flies in the face of common sense.

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