Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trump's plans prove he's a serious candidate

Full disclosure, like nearly everyone else talking about it, I did not read Donald Trump’s tax plan.  Like nearly no one else talking about it, I’ve told you that I have not read it.  That said, I did catch parts of his roll out of the plan and the endless line of talkers who have not read or bothered to understand it but nonetheless are giving their opinion on the plan.

Here’s what I think I’ve learned about the plan.

It makes people who criticized Trump for having no substance look foolish.  The crowd at National Review, to quote their girly man editor Rich Lowery, have just had their balls cut off by Trump with the skill of a surgeon and they know it.  These buffoons have attacked Trump endlessly as a summer side-show with no substance.  Now Trump has released two detailed plans, one on immigration and now one on tax reform.  You do not have to like every word of either plan or any part of either plan for that matter, but you ought to STFU about Trump not having any plan or substance. 

Supposedly 50% of working Americans will pay no taxes in Trump’s plan.  I do not like that idea.  Everyone ought to pay something so that slimy Caligula, D.C. azzbag pols cannot boost taxes without hitting the “working poor” that they supposedly care so much about while not giving a flip about the rest of us.  Everyone ought to pay what they can afford to pay even if it’s just $10 so that when pols start talking about the need to raise taxes, the working poor have enough skin in the game to tell the corruptocrats to go to hell.

As for the rest of it, hell I don’t know.  If the middle class is going to get a tax cut, I guess I’ll be square in the middle of that cut.  Reducing corporate taxes to 15% makes sense to me, mostly because Corps. just pass their taxes burden on to whoever buys their products.  As for closing “loopholes” I don’t have any, but it’s a good idea.  Loopholes are not loopholes at all.  They are the law expressly passed by corrupt a-holes and put into place to pay off their donor class buds.   Then the Caligula, D.C. corruptocrats rail about the very “loopholes” that they put into place.  It’s complete BS.

I’m beginning to think that the only way to go is the fair tax or national sales tax.  It gets everyone.  Everyone decides how much tax they are going to pay by their consumption habits.  It is graduated because rich people are the biggest consumers and will therefore pay the most taxes.  It eliminates every “loophole” (AKA Caligula, D.C. payoff).  It ends the most corrupt and hated federal agency in America – the IRS.

But we have to be realistic.  We will be nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt by the time The Empty Suit removes his feet and bony azz from the Resolute Desk, packs up his nag of a wife and exits the Rainbow House for the last time as president.  Tax policy, no matter how pro-growth, will not be sufficient to get us out of the gigantic chasm the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azz weasels have put us in.

What’s required is a trident of pro-growth tax policy, fiscal responsibility that extends to every rat hole of the federal budget and entitlement reform. 

We should start by stop digging the hole any deeper.  There should be a balanced budget amendment passed by congress and approved by the states.

Then, I would end the VA, IRS, EPA, Dep of Education and NEA as we know them.  Vets would receive a card upon discharge that would allow access to any doc in the box or hospital in America.  VA equipment and buildings would sold or leased to private healthcare providers.  The IRS would disappear as a result of simplified tax policy that would make it obsolete.  The EPA would be reduced to one office that suggests regulations to congress that would have to be voted on by the people’s representatives.  Education responsibilities and funds would be block granted back to the states based on needs and performance.  Spending for the “arts” NPR and PBS would end.  A country 20 trillion in debt doesn’t need to be paying for crappy “art” that no one wants to buy or lefty lib propaganda on the radio and tv.

There would be a 98% freeze on hiring of any replacement federal employees.  I would force a smaller more efficient federal government by simply not allowing any further hiring of federal bureaucrats to f up our lives.

I’d also propose a 5 cent tax on gasoline earmarked 100% to service the national debt.  That tax would require re-approval by congress every 6 months.  At the same time I’d make it cost effective for all manner of energy exploration and development, including nuclear.  Once the debt hits zero, the gas tax automatically ends and requires a 2/3rds vote of both houses of congress to reinstate it.

I’d advocate for term limits for congress to remove the necessity to buy votes with taxpayer dollars.  Term limits remove the need for pols to buy votes to stay in office.     

Then, over a 10 year period I’d reorganize the military to cut down on waste, redundancies and increase warfighting capabilities.  Everything associated with the military would be centered on winning battles and the nation’s wars.   Anything and anyone superfluous to projecting America’s power abroad would be eliminated.  Social engineering of America’s fighting forces would end on day one.

But sooner or later you have to go where the real money in the federal budget is – entitlements.

For the next 20 years I’d means test Social Security.  Then I’d make it voluntary to opt out of receiving SS payments for 10 years.  I’d increase the age of SS eligibility over 10 years while at the same time allowing recipients to invest a % of their SS payments in their company retirement plan or an approved SS exchange.  After a 25-30 year period, if the system is solvent, the wealthy could opt out of making SS payments after contributing a minimum sum.  They have to contribute something in case their fortunes turn and they end up having to rely on the system. An insurance SS insurance if you will.

I would also means test Medicare.  I would establish lifetime individual private and portable medical accounts phased in over XX# of years.  Then I’d end Medicare.  I would do everything possible to phase employers out of the healthcare business.  Healthcare reform has to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines.

Medicaid would be ended over XX# of years.  Replacing it would be private insurance companies providing low cost/no cost insurance to the working poor based on their market share in certain regions of the country or states.  Payments would also be made directly to hospitals who treat the homeless and other uninsurable categories.  Any doctor or hospital that is caught defrauding the system faces a mandatory $10,000 fine for the first offence and a mandatory $20,000 fine and mandatory 2 year prison sentence for the second offence.

All of this said, I know there will be a grassroots movement to nominate Lex for president.  So let me be clear, if nominated, I will not run.  If elected, I will not serve.

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