Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trump: He - Could - Go - All - The - Way

Donald Trump drew 20,000+ to a rally in Dallas last night.  He leads the Republican field in all of the polls, and has drawn even with the Shrilldabeast in that head to head contest.  Still the Republican field and their inside the beltway talkers are saying he can’t win.  He’s too controversial.  He’s too loud.  His rhetoric is too hot.  He’s too liberal.  He’s too… (Fill in your own negative).

Every time an announcement is made by the talking heads or someone in the field that he is done, Trump rises another percentage point or two in the polls.  Talk of immigrant rapists and murderers were supposed to finish the Donald before he got started.  After Kate Stinele was murdered by a 7 time illegal alien loser, it was safe for a majority of Americans to go with their gut and common sense and agree with Trump.

Poking McCain for getting captured in Vietnam was sure to finish the Donald once and for all.  And it would have were McCain not pompous, angry, life-time Caligula, D.C. insider.  Turns out that the Republican base is tired of McCain.  They appreciate his service, but that appreciation doesn’t give McCain the right to call us “wacko birds” and “crazies” for thinking things in America are a mess and that it is largely due to the life-time Caligula, D.C. ruling class excrement heads like McCain.

The first debate finished Trump.  Just ask one of his plethora of top critics, Charles Krauthammer, who declared on FNC 10 seconds after the debate that the one sure take away from the evening was the end of Donald Trump.  Anyone with an open mind – this rules out any FNC anchor or contributor – knew FNC was out to get Trump.  We didn’t like it.  Trump rose in the polls and was declared the winner by the people.

Mocking Jeb Bush as low energy was considered unstatesmanlike by political wonks.  America watched and said, Trump’s right.  Jeb is low energy.

When the media went after Trump for commenting on Carly Fiorina’s looks, Trump turned the tables on all of them telling them, if looks don’t matter, fine, then stop talking about my hair.  You simply cannot NOT talk about the Donald’s hair. 

Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, George Patki, Ron Paul and Jim Gilmore have all gone after Trump.  Collectively, they are at less than 3% in the polls, if they haven’t already dropped out.  Former Front runner Jeb, has dropped like a rock after his one on ones with Trump.

My guy Carson is the next to drop.  His talk of it “being unrealistic to deport 11 million illegal immigrants” and his favoring “some kind of work permit for illegals” is going to hurt him.  The Donald wrote The Art of the Deal.   I’m not a deal maker, but I do know that you shouldn’t take anything off the table BEFORE negotiations begin.  You shouldn’t say, “Hey look a wall is a crazy idea” or “We cannot deport all of the illegal aliens” before you sit down to talk about what is going to be done. 

I actually do not think it would be that hard to get the 11 million gone.  Build the wall. Enforce the law.  They will leave, because it makes no sense for them to stay here.  No jobs + no welfare = no reason to be here.  Besides, say you can only get 8 million of the illegal aliens gone.  Would the remaining 3 million be better than the current 11 million?

As I watch Trump weave his way through the field like Cal through the Stanford defense and then the Stanford band on the last play of their 1982 match up, I’m beginning to think that he just might pull it off, and I am now OK with that.  My big concern is that he will say something so off the wall it kills him AFTER he wins the nomination. 

NOTE TO THE DONALD:  If you're going to implode please do it before winning the nomination.

To all of the Rat/Dope life-time Caligula, D.C. ruling class insider bastards who are soiling themselves at the prospect of the Donald knocking their heads together to get things done, or as Trump puts it, to make America great again, FU*K YOU!  How could anyone screw it up any worse than you have?

Note:  I’m still a Cruz, Carson, Fiorina guy. 

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