Thursday, September 03, 2015

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34 Dope senators only partially to blame for "victory" in Iran deal
Only in the bizzaro world of the lapdog BS MSM would an overwhelming and bipartisan defeat of The Empty Suit’s horribly bad Iran deal be called a“victory.”  Common sense tells people with a brain getting a mere 34 of 100 votes is a stinging rebuke.  But we are in bizzaro times. 

But do not blame the dopes.  Mitch McConnell and his band of Rat Republicans were perfectly happy to turn the constitution on its head to accommodate The Empty Suit on the BS Iran deal.  Had the Rats for once in their miserable Caligula, D.C. lives stuck to the constitution we wouldn’t not be in this Rat induced Iran nuke deal mess where gaining as few as 34 votes in the senate is considered a “victory.” 

For any of the BS Caligula, D.C. ruling class insiders and their elite media suck ups like George Will, harles Krauthammer and the crew over at National Review wondering why Donald Trump and other Caligula, D.C. outsiders are dominating the polls, they need to look no further than the 18 trillion dollar debt and the Corker capitulation to jug eared racist anti-American POS.

The myth of the “hard working” immigrant
Some bright guy once stated the obvious, you cannot combine an open border with generous welfare state.  

En Ingles por favor
While supposedly supporting a position that illegal aliens must learn English as condition for an amnesty to continue to draw their welfare payments, Jeb Bush attacked the Donald in Spanish.  Of course, Trump points out the obvious.

The NRA should side with the left on this
With the spate of high profile shooting lately, anti-gunners are ramping up their rhetoric.  One of the memes I’ve heard over the last few days is that anyone can buy a gun with absolutely no training.  The NRA should seize the argument to get a mandatory firearms training program into the public schools.  The logic is inescapable.  Guns are not going to go away.  Kids at some point in their lives are going to be exposed to gun.  They should know what to do.

Watch the left immediately drop the “there’s no training” meme.  The last thing these charlatans want is the NRA in the schools talking gun safety.  It’s true.  They’d rather see more carnage, more dead kids than to see the kids educated on gun safety and a reduction in gun related accidents, all thanks to the NRA.

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