Friday, October 14, 2016

The Demo-Dope mantra: No one is above the law, no wait...

In two posts under Lex expresses concern for politicians advocating for the jailing of their political opponents.  At the last debate, Trump quipped that Shrillda the Hutt doesn’t want him “in charge of the laws” because she’d “be in jail”.  It has apparently become part of Trump’s stump speech repartee.

The whole thing has sent the lefty lib MSM scurrying in search of the salts and a fainting couch.  I am 100% convinced that Trump will appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the crooked investigation of the Hutt’s e-mail crimes.  For a stable democracy there is nothing wrong with that.  Given the total corruption of nearly every arm of the federal government, it’s imperative to restore the people’s confidence in their government.  So why all the hand wringing?  Investigate the crooks.

The left is certain, given the crimes that the Hutt has committed, aided and abetted, the investigation will result in a list of charges 100 times longer than the 15 minute list that Jimmy the fixer Comey laid out before dropping his “however” like an anvil onto the head of Lady Justice and the American people.  That list will lead to the prosecution and possible jail time for the Hutt or at a minimum a frantic worldwide search by the feds to find an ankle bracelet that would fit the Hutt.  I think they make such things for elephants.  Maybe someone could somehow link two together.

But let’s be clear, there’s less than a 1% chance that Trump himself will lock the Hutt up without a free and fair trial.  Some federal judge will have that honor.

Now it’s not just the lefty libs clutching their pearls worrying about adding to the national debt funding the millions it would cost to buy enough material to keep the Hutt in orange jumpsuits for the next 10 to 20 years.  You can now count Charles Krauthammer among those worrying about the Hutt’s criminal activities being exposed by an investigation of the investigation.

If the people could trust the government, such investigations would be unnecessary.  So what to do Chuck?  Does Billyboy Billbo Clinton get a lifetime pass on rape and pedophilia because he’s an ex Demo-Dope president?  No one is above the law unless you are a Dope politician – right Chuck?  No one can evade investigation unless you are a Dope Pol – right Chuck?  Better to let the Clinton Crime Family run roughshod over the law, because laws are for the little people – right Chuck? 

The Empty Suit and his administration’s assault on the American people have led to the necessity for an investigation of the investigators.  It is the only thing that will expose the corrupt nature of the federal government and real crimes of the Hutt.  Whether or not she actually goes to jail is up to a judge/jury not Trump.  

Glenn Beck hits bottom
Glenn Beck has gone off the rails.  He actually thinks Shrillda the Hutt is the “moral” choice for president.  Huh?  My guess is that Beck is trying to rehabilitate himself ahead of what is characterized as the inevitable collapse of his media business. Hey Ariana Huffington pulled it off. 

Beck has no credibility with the right so go left.

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