Wednesday, October 05, 2016

VP debate (Updated)

I was going to blog about the VP debate, but I kept getting interrupted by Tim Kaine.  More tomorrow.

Mike Pence
Obviously won the debate going away – not a hard task given the jackass sitting across from him.  No that’s not the usual Lex bromide where I declare my guy the winner just because he’s my guy.

Tim Kaine
An obnoxious POS.  Big, big, big, Grand Canyon big, Pacific Ocean big, larger than Shrillda the Hutt’s azz loser.  Mrs. Lex was actually yelling at the TV, “SHUT UP!”  So I think Timmy’s off putting personality not have done the Hutt any favors with women. 

Debate moderator
Before last night, I’d never heard of VP debate moderator Elaine Quijano.  Now I know why. She’s a horrible Demo-Dope hack.  Dare I say, they needed a man up there to get control of the debate and get Timmy the loud mouth to STFU.  It was obvious that to extent she was able assert herself, which was as rare as it was timid especially when it came to her debate boyfriend Timmy, it was to carry the Dope’s water.

No doubt because she’s a woman and mino to boot, the MSM will be saying that she did an exceptional job, and that no one would have been able to keep control of the debate given “Mike Pence’s constant interruptions and obnoxious personality.”

Status of forces agreement (SOFA)
Both Shrillda the Hutt and Timmy excuuuuuuse me while I interrupt Kaine blamed Bush for the The Empty Suit’s inability to negotiate a SOFA in Iraq.  The pat line for both was, “we cannot leave troops in country that we do not have a SOFA with.”  The easy answer that both Trump and Pence missed is that we have over 6,000 troop in Iraq right now without a SOFA.  If we’d taken that approach instead of cutting and running ISIS wouldn’t be running wild all over the Middle East.   

Jimmy the fixer Comey goes from cover up artist to accomplice to the crimes
FBI Director Jimmy the fixer Comey’s FBI has gone from covering up Shrillda the Hutt and top aide’s criminal activities of peddling influence via the Sate Dep, lying to congress and the FBI, not “recalling” much of anything of pertinence with regard to her illegal e-mail server and has progressed to being accomplices to the crimes by destroying evidence under subpoena by the Congress of the United States.   As part of their immunity deals Jimmy the fix agreed to destroy computers used by Shrillda the Hutt’s partners in crime,
the Hutt’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson.

NFL tougher and smarter on Tom Brady than the FBI is on Shrillda the Hutt
Part of the information that led to Tom Brady’s BS 4 game suspension by Rog spit on the flag if you like Goodell was the fact that Brady destroyed his cell phone ahead of the NFL’s investigation.  So Brady destroys a phone that is his and which he is under no legal obligation to retain or turn over to the NFL and gets suspended.  Shrillda the Hutt and her Hole their Heads Gang destroy phones, files, hard drives etc. that by law they are required to maintain and which were subpoenaed by the Congress of the United States and not only get off Scott-free but get the FBI to the dirty work of destroying the evidence.  YGBSM!  Sadly, no I’m not.  I’ll probably go to grave not rusting the once great FBI.  Way to go Jimmy.  You’re doing a heck of a job. 

It’s the sun – stupid
Better be gathering as much warm clothing and food as possible.  The sun has gone blank, that is few or a complete absence of heat generating sun spots.  So welcome to the new ice age arriving by 2019.  Read all about it here.

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