Monday, October 31, 2016

FBI makes the case against early voting

Seems to me the reopening of the Shrillda the Hutt e-mail controversy is a pretty good case for ending the corruptocrat scam called early voting.  Now after millions of votes have already been cast, many by dead people…twice, we learn that Shrillda the Hutt is going back under FBI investigation.  Do you think that the people voting early might like to have known that information BEFORE casting their ballots?

I’m all for accommodating voters in an effort to allow people to get to the polls, but the current system where there are weeks upon weeks to vote, then vote again, then vote again is ridiculous.  We have an absentee system for people who know they will not able to vote on election.  Why not just expand that system to anyone who cannot or does not want to stand in line to vote or risk an Election Day emergency where they cannot get to the polls?  It’s perfect in that it’s a tamper proof paper ballot assigned to registered voters.

That’s the rub.  Demo-Dopes would never support a system that made voter fraud more difficult.  That’s why Dopes insist that having to produce an ID is an undue burden on minorities and purging the voter rolls of the dead is racist. 

I’m still foolish enough to think that given the level of education indoctrination in America these days the notion that everyone should vote is sheer idiocy.  I can think of several people right off the top of my head that have no business having a role in determining who leads this country.  I’m also of the opinion that if you are receiving more than 50% of your livelihood from government welfare programs you should not be permitted to vote for candidates that simply promise to give you more.   Okay that’s extreme, but you know it’s true.  The people paying the bills should have the right to determine what goes into the shopping cart.

So, all of that said, the current methodology in some states for early voting is a scam set up to encourage fraud.  At a minimum it allows people to cast votes before the last October surprise that is splashed under the animated siren on The Drudge Report website drops.

You know what?  On second thought, scandal never affects Demo-Dopes.  In fact it is a resume enhancer.  Dopes will vote for crooked Shrillda the Hutt no matter what.  Unlike Rat establishment Republicans, they will close ranks behind their candidate with no regard for candidate’s suitability for office.  For the Dopes, it’s vote Dope.  Vote early.  Vote often.  There is no scenario where they take the ReR approach of abandoning the candidate at the slightest whiff of a campaign misstep.

For that reason alone anyone who thinks Shrillda the Hutt is done is crazy.  We’ve seen this scenario too many times to think that the Clintons will finally have a wooden stake driven through their corrupt political heart.  Dopes will close ranks.  MSM will vilify Jimmy the fixer/unfixer & maybe refixer Comey to get his mind right.  Anyone remember Ken Star?  Most importantly they will fall in, go to the polls and cast as many ballots as possible for the Hutt.  They figure that once in office there is no scandal that the Clintons cannot ride out for 8 years.

Isn’t it odd that Demo-Dopes and the usual cast of ReRs are crying foul at the timing of Comey’s letter to congress?  They complain that the timing is a political move.  Soooo, if you have a case but don’t bring it until after the election, that’s NOT political?  I look at the FBI move like I do at OJ.  He got away with murder but is in jail for kidnapping and strong armed robbery (I think).  Or Al Capone who couldn’t be locked up for the plethora of violent crimes he committed, but he did get his just deserts on tax fraud charges.  Everything, it seems, that touches the Clinton Crime Family is a chargeable offense of some kind.   

The other absolutely unbelievable thing in all of this is Shrillda the Hutt calling for transparency from the FBI on its latest investigation into her criminal activities.  YGBSM!  The woman who set up a private server to avoid transparency, destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails to avoid transparency, lied in every way possible to everyone asking about the server arrangement to avoid transparency and then bleached e-mails to avoid transparency is now demanding transparency from the FBI.  Comey and the FBI ought tell her publicly, “You’ll know what we have when we come to arrest you.”

Now there’s this.  How anyone could vote for this lying, thieving, criminally corrupt blister bag full of the most vile sewage imaginable is beyond reason.   She’s is totally compromised.  The Russians, Chinese and several other of America’s adversaries have some or all of the 33,000 e-mails – that I can guarantee you.  She’s totally blackmail-able.   All of this combined with the WikiLeak dumps that will continue, mean Shrillda the Hutt and her campaign staff will be under investigation for years.  If elected, she will be a lame duck on day one.  Given the mountain of evidence of serious crimes, she’ll be impeached.  Does throwing the country into a constitutional crisis on day one of her administration impose an iota of common sense on the Dopes and the #NeverTrumpsters?  

Sadly it does not.  I’ve said it before.  They care about their own power more than the future of the country.  When the choice boils down to a 30 year career criminal who happens to be a Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipe and an outsider with radical views like “put America first” you know the ruling class will close ranks to support the criminal who supports them.  They will gladly *uck the country to maintain a hold on power.  

Best tweet to sum up the Hutt’s problem
From Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Russian hackers are better than we thought.  They stole Clinton’s e-mails from the NSA, put them on Huma’s laptop and pinned it on Weiner.

A clear WTF.
Had anyone told me a year ago that I’d be pitching in 200 of my hard earned Yankee dollars to support a NY billionaire’s election as POTUS, I’d have called them crazy or worse.   Why trump?  To get the definitive answer to that question, invest 4 minutes and 21 seconds here.

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