Sunday, October 09, 2016

Stream of consciousness on “vulgar” Trump

If we’re electing a president, only one of the candidates is qualified.  If we’re electing a national pope as a moral and ethical leader, neither candidate is qualified.  I think we should consider electing a president this time round and then once Trump fixes some things, we can go about looking for our national pope.  One thing is for sure Shrillda the Hutt is not suited for either job.

Am I a bad person for not being surprised or offended about Trumps “lewd” comments?  The only thing I’m surprised about is that the Republicans didn’t find this tape during the primary.  I’d be surprised again if this is the last such tape that comes out.

I can guarantee one thing, every single person on this planet has made comments in the last 10 years that would cause embarrassment and force him to hide in the basement if made public.

Every single politician and Hollywood swell probably make such statements on a daily basis.  When a lefty lib Hollywood type talks about bleaching the azzhloles of the Republican candidate’s wives in the last election it’s called edgy and the left closes ranks and not so much as call the guy’s comments a bit over the top.

When the slack jawed Billbo Billyboy put some ice on it Clinton is impeached and disbarred for sexual assault, he becomes an even bigger Demo-Dope icon.

While every Republican candidate has to repudiate everything David Duke has said in the last 25 years, Dopes get a pass on every embarrassing comment made by a lefty lib for life.

Ivanka Trump has to defend her dad’s decades old off the cuff remarks at every interview, while Chelsea Clinton never has to respond the legion of women who call her predator old man a rapist.

One of the things Trumpsters like about Trump is unwillingness to cave to traditional Demo-Dopes attacks.  He fights back.  How many times has Lex asked that Republicans grow a pair as a party and hit scum like Harry the roach Reid right between the eyes when he starts lying about Republican candidates?  Well now we have that guy and the Rat establishment Republicans are still trying to dump him.

Let’s face it, ReR are pu**ies.  At the first sign of a media contrived controversy they start to dump on whomever the MSM is targeting.

Hypocrites like John McCain, who was a Naval Aviator and self-proclaimed womanizer, dumping on Trump for inappropriate comments in a “private” conversation is total BS.  McCain cheated on and dumped his disabled wife to marry the Coors beer heiress. Trump should say as much.  “Yeah John, I’m 100% certain that you never made a disparaging remark about women, other than your disabled wife, during your career as a Naval Aviator that was made famous for its Tailhook parties.”

Is all of this faux outrage from the political/Hollywood (PoliHolly) class a further indication of the sisification of America?

I’d wager that 99.89% of people who have sat around a campfire late at night, were part of locker room banter, worked construction, participated in military field ops, etc. etc. has participated in or been around this kind of talk and did not think that that kind of talk accurately portrayed the participants’ personality or character.

We all have bipolar personalities in that we act differently around our friends in private conversations than we do around our mothers, priests and children. 

How can there be all of this outrage from the PoliHolly crowd when one, through ever increasing debasement of the culture hidden under a burqa of cutting edge “entertainment”, has been pushing and dragging America toward Gomorrah for decades while the other shares the cash rewards of the debasement and uses the “star” power of those participating in the debauchery for fund raising, all the while pushing the Hollywood crap under an umbrella of tolerance?  In anything goes culture where Whoopi Goldberg can do a “comedy” routine interchanging her “bush” with President Bush and be praised by the left for her courage and wit, why is anyone aghast by Trump’s comments?

Trump has several options
Magnanimously Quit on his own terms “for the good of the country”.  It’s not in Trump’s nature to quit.  That’s one of the reasons he’s so popular.  But if friends and family convince him that’s what must be done for his “movement”, he could justify it by saying, “It has never been about me.  It has always been about the good of the country.”  He could go through tonight’s debate making his case one more time and at the very end make the announcement endorsing his handpicked nominee.  In the process he could poke the scum who reneged on their promise and refused to endorse him by saying, “I promised I’d endorse the Party’s nominee and so, unlike career politicians whose word is about as good as a three dollar bill, I do.”  The Republicans could win under these circumstances.

Quit under duress, because he’s being forced out by Rat establishment Republicans.  It’s even less likely that Trump would quit under these circumstances.  But if he did he’d be raising hell and throwing bombs at everyone as he goes out the door.  The Republicans could never win in this case.

I don’t even know if it’s possible at this point to change candidates and get the name on the ballot in all 50 states.   I suppose with enough money anything is possible.

Stick it out.  This may the only real choice at this point of the process for Trump, the Republican Party and the country.  His campaign has been declared dead more times than Freddy Kruger already and has managed to rebound.  What’s one more time?  

While Trump has several options we have only two.  We can join the fakers and express outrage at Trump and withdraw our support thus letting a lying, thieving, brain damaged, rape enabling, influence peddling, national security risk who should be in jail become president of the United States, or we can ride the Trump tiger.  If we get off of the tiger now, we and the nation are sure to be eaten by President Shrillda the Hutt.

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Anonymous said...

I have to take severe umbrage at your comment about Naval Aviators and their propensity for crude talk, especially about good-looking women. That's airline pilots you were really intending to berate, right? Naval Aviators are officers and gentlemen, and would never cast off color remarks about shapely women! I hope that clears that up.