Monday, October 03, 2016

To avoid Demo-Dope harassment, everyone needs to over pay their taxes

Conspiracy theory XX-16:  Does anyone else find it odd that just after Shrillda the Hutt insinuates that Donald Trump didn’t pay any taxes for years, the NY Times gets a vanilla, or is it manila, envelope in the mail with a tax sheet showing Trump suffered a multi-million dollar loss that would allow Trump to zero out his tax bill against the loss for years?   

Someone at The Empty Suit’s weaponized IRS dug up a couple of pages of an old Donald Trump tax record and mailed it in anonymously to the Times.  Trump had some business loses which allowed him to zero out his tax bill over several years.  The first rule of Naval service is – never cuss another man’s good deal.   So, I say to Donald Trump, good for you.

Okay Donald trump didn’t have to pay any taxes for years.  As long as he worked within the tax laws passed by dip$h!ts like then Senator Shrillda the Hutt, good for him.  I’d have to say, if I could pay no taxes legally, which had I paid would then be wasted on Obamaphones, I would pay no taxes.  I’ve said for a long time dipp$h!ts like the Hutt pass laws to screw people and then are shocked when the people affected by the screwy law outsmart the Caligula, D.C. jug heads rather than just sitting still and waiting to be screwed.

The perfect example of this was several years ago when the Caligula, D.C. azzwipes tried to screw the rich by imposing an exorbitant tax on luxury yachts.  The stupid rich guys just stopped buying the yachts.  So who got screwed?  Well the ship builders for sure, but who cares they are rich as well.  But what about all of the craftsmen – carpenter, plumbers, electricians, mechanics etc. – who fed their families building fine boats for people who could afford them?  One politician – maybe Reagan – once said when the Demo-Dopes aim at the rich they always seem to hit the middle class.  That’s exactly what happened with the “soak the rich” yacht tax.   

This is a clear comparison of economic visions of the Dopes Vs. the Republicans.  When Republicans talk about trickledown economics they talk about money from the wealthy trickling down to the less wealthy.  Rich guys buy yachts and in the process provide jobs for a 100 or more people.  When the Demo-Dopes talk trickledown they mean confiscatory taxes on anyone who has more than two nickels to rub together squeezing off anything that might trickledown from the wealthy.

Where were we?  Oh yeah, here’s the key question:  If Donald Trump paid no taxes legally and the left is outraged by that, what do those criticizing him expect us all to do, over pay our taxes, pay taxes we don’t owe, ignore tax deduction allowed by law, tip the IRS 15% for their efficient friendly service, what?

When this come up in the debate, Trump should just say he paid his taxes in full according to the law.  He didn’t send one dime more than required to Caligula, D.C. to be wasted by lifelong corrupt and inept politicians like Shrillda the Hutt.  If she expects him to pay more than required, how much did she and her louse of an old man over pay the IRS last year?

In that just about everyone of us hates the IRS and tries to reduce their own taxes as near zero as possible, this issue could redound to Trump's favor.  However, in a jujitsu move worthy of Jackie Chan, Donald Trump’s legal application of tax laws is being treated like a crime by the MSM while Shrillda the Hutt’s real e-mail crimes go unreported, unpunished and even covered up by the once great FBI and its pathetic director Jimmy the fixer Comey.

If you want to know what a crook Comey is, check out this piece by Andy McCarthy.  He lays it out pretty bare, but for some reason cannot come to the conclusion that Comey is a crook or at least a political shill willing to turn a blind eye to obvious crimes that would send you and me to prison.  It’s sort of like Comey when he laid bare the case against Shrillda the Hutt for 15 straight minutes before the now famous “however”.  McCarthy takes Comey, DoJ and the FBI apart but can’t bring himself to say Comey is a political hack dope who by his obvious political handling of the Hutt’s lawlessness and gross negligence let a high powered Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipe off the hook when he’d have rung up anyone else up.

With apologies to the Naval Service, I cannot abide the Hutt’s good fortune in avoiding prosecution for her lies, gross negligence and national security breaching crimes.  She should to go to jail.  He should resign.

Trump's diversity Chair 
Donald trump has got to figure t a way to get this woman out there more.  She destroys the MSM narrative(s) on Trump and Minos.

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