Thursday, April 13, 2017

Carter Page surveillance proves PDJT 100% correct about The Empty Suit surveillance of Trump team

Some guy named Carter Page was outted as the target of an FBI investigation.  Page worked in the Trump transition and had some sort of banking connection with Russia.  What Page didn’t do was sell off 20% of America’s uranium production to the Rooskies in exchange for a fat speaker’s fee for a well known slack jawed rapist a la Shrillda the Hutt. 

Lefty Libs are using the leak of Page’s surveillance – a felony - as proof positive that Trump was in bed with the Russians.  Weird because even the most lefty of Lib’s admit Page has yet to be accused of any crime.  The FBI is now a year into its investigation of Page, so one would think if they had anything on him a deep state TES buttboy would have leaked that information by now.

What the Page story is absolutely proof positive of is that The Empty Suit was targeting Trump per Trump’s much poo pooed tweet.  So we have the Farkas woman admitting the the TES administration was spying on Trump.  We have Susan Rice fingered as the, or one of, the unmaskers of US citizens "incidentally captured" in foreign surveillance.  Now we have this leak proving that PDJT was 100% accurate that TES was “tapping his wires.” 

So now the exact same d-bags who were demanding that PDJT apologize for ever hinting that their false god – TES – whose excrement they love to wallow in as if it were rose smelling sweet ambrosia would ever be involved in “tapping PDJT’s wires” are now siting the mountain of evidence piling up that PDJT was correct as proof positive that he’s a Russian agent.

It’s a bizzaro world.  Trump is like the weather to global warm-mongers.  Whatever the present condition is proof positive that climate change is going to kill us.  For Demo-Dope azzbags and their MSM buttweasels, whatever goes wrong in the world can be directly attributed to PDJT.  Even the non-compliant United passenger’s humiliation is being attributed to Trump by some guy – Henry Cho - who says he’s a comedian.  Well that is kind of funny, or ironic, or idiotic, or just plain stupid.

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