Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dopes ignore smoking guns littering the Dope wiretapping crime scene, Dopes demand investigation into Trump/Russia collusion because there is no evidence -weird

Now that PDJT’s canoe has floated far upstream from the waterfall that was supposed to end his presidency – tweeting to the world that Obama had him “wiretapped” – look for the MSM - who have been going nuts over PDJT’s accusation for weeks - to claim that wiretapping doesn’t make any difference.  That the wiretapping was legal.  That the unmasking was necessary, because PDJT was/is a clear and present danger to the country.  There’s no proof who actually leaked the unmasked name.  So really you have the smoking gun, but nothing to prove who pulled the trigger.

None of the crazed Demo-Dopes, Rat establishment Republicans, lyin’ make it up MSM or late night Dope support system known as “comedians” will take 10 seconds to report that PDJT was correct and they were totally 100% wrong…again.  Chas Krauthammer alluded that PDJT’s accusations of Obama wiretapping him were absurd.  Waiting for the acknowledgement from CK that for about 100th time he was wrong about Trump.

But Lex there is no “proof” that Obama Okayed the “wiretaps.”  No proof other than commonsense.  There was no proof that Obama Okayed the IRS slow rolling of conservative non-profits ahead 2012 election.   Lo Lerner took the 5th and sailed away with a cushy government pension.  Hillary Clinton probably broke a score of laws and skated.

One thing we know for sure behind all of this.  Susan Rice is a load of $h!t and so is her former boss. 

The next shoe to drop in this is that none of the surveillance that led to the "inadvertent" sweeping up of the Trump team had one thing to do with "national security."   As Lex noted under, we'll discover that Obama and Rice targeted the Lithuania under secretary for travel brochures for the sole reason that he was was visiting Trump Tower.

There’s also this.  Without a single shred of evidence the Demo-Dopes, Rat establishment Republicans and lazy as hell MSM are demanding an “independent” investigation into Trump/Russia collusion.  The FBI has been investigating that for over a year and turned up nothing.  But the same azzbags are ignoring the crime scene littered with smoking gun evidence of Obama spying on his political enemies.

Prediction:  No one will go to jail, be fired or even reprimanded for the surveillance, unmasking and/or leaking of team Trump during 2016 election cycle.  It’ll take congress until the last month of Mike Pence’s second term to get around to calling Rice and that other smoking gun handler Evelyn Farkas to testify. 

Gorsuch nomination
I don’t know why Mitch McConnell is waiting until the end of the week to take a vote.  Well Lex the senate has to have time to debate the nomination.  No they don’t.  Demo Dopes have already gone on record how they’ll vote.  Well it just a courtesy to allow senators another chance to express themselves on the nominee.  Fine.  If the Dopes want 40 hours of debate, start the clock at 7:30 this morning and let it run continuously and take a vote at 11:30 tomorrow night. After all isn’t that what the Dopes did with several of DJT’s cabinet appointments? 

The only thing the Dopes are looking for is one last chance to trash a good man.  McConnell and the Republicans should not be facilitating that effort. 

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