Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reaccommodation and Hitler

Regarding the “reaccommodation” of a United Airlines passenger
Even during a semi-cable news ban, I must have seen the video of the man being dragged off the United flight 20 times. 

Am I the only guy in America who doesn’t want to be locked inside an aluminum tube three miles above the Earth flying at 600 miles per hour with a crazy guy who thinks he does not have to comply with the crew?

But Lex the plane was parked at the gate.  Okay fine.  Do you want to be on an airplane with a loud obnoxious drunk fresh from a fist fight in the airport lounge who brings that attitude onto the airplane?  Seems to me a person’s attitude on the ground isn’t going to be all that different at altitude.

That said, United’s response was dreadful.  If you need seats on your airplane that people have already bought, buy them off.  Everything is for sale for the right price.  Whatever they thought that seat was worth is going to cost them 100s maybe 1,000s times more.

The bigger problem is when that payoff is made, it will be proof positive that non-compliance with airline crews can result in a big payday.  So when a guy smoking in the lavatory refuses to comply then what?  Any fight with or “humiliation” of the guy will cost them dearly.  You can bet the “please remain seated until the aircraft has arrived safely at the gate” warning will be roundly ignored and d-bags will dare the crew to anything about it.

If I were the judge in this case, I’d give the guy drug off the flight $3,000 or 3 times what United originally offered.  Then I’d fine him $2,000 for disrupting a flight.  Last, I’d fine United 10 million dollars for being stupid.  The logic is, you can’t be flying people around if you’re stupid, so get smarter or go broke.

Sean the Holocaust denier Spicer
Spicer made a stupid inaccurate statement.  When I first heard it, I thought he meant Hitler didn’t use gas against uniformed military targets a la WW I.  Then he “clarified” by saying he meant that Hitler didn’t drop chemical weapons by air.  That’s dumb as well.  In the history of such things, artillery has been the delivery system of choice for chemical weapons. 

Advice to Spicer:  Apologize one more time at today’s presser, then stop apologizing, because it won’t make any difference to the pack of jackals you are dealing with.  When it comes up after that just say, “Next question.” 

Advice to all:  Don’t compare people and things to Hitler, because doing so is very Hitler-like.  Besides Stalin was much worse than Hitler.  But Stalin was a commie bastard so he is beloved by the American MSM and the Demo-Dope Party.

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