Thursday, May 07, 2015

Winners and losers

YGBSM.  Tom Brady “probably knew” the footballs he was using were under inflated.  That’s pretty conclusive and “probably” enough evidence to get the Patriots and Brady sanctioned by the NFL.

OK, I don’t care.  No make that I “probably” don’t care.  Here’s why.  First and sadly, I’m still a Bengals fan.  Next, I’d like to see the NFL data on the percentage footballs over/under inflated for the last 10 years.  What!  There isn’t any?  Look there’s only one reason anyone gives a crap about this.  If the Bengals were underinflating footballs nobody would give a flying crap.  The only reason it’s a story is because it’s the Patriots and the Patriots win.

For some reason the other 31 NFL teams cannot figure New England, Belichick and Brady out.  Just when you think you have them, they are winning another Super Bowl.  That’s “probably” the only reason this is a story.

The end is near

When people who otherwise protect the constitution start throwing it under the bus, can total collapse be far off?  Take the “yeah but” crowd surrounding Pam Geller’s draw Mohammed contest.  Their argument goes, “Sure she has the right to do it, buuuuuuuuut….”  She has the right to it.  As such she has the right that government officials will do their jobs protecting the event.

When some FL pastor was going to burn a koran, the JCJS stepped and pressured him not to.  Why?  The government, their lapdog MSM lemmings and more and more people want to hide in under the bedsheets hoping the jihadis won’t notice the sheets rise and fall with their panicked breathing.  Geller has done more to expose the murderous nature of Islam in one weekend than The Empty Suit has done in 6+ years.
In a country that truly embraces free speech there should be but one response to the jihadis, go F**K yourselves.  The exact same people condemn Geller make no such argument for people who attack other religions.  Why?  Catholics, Jews and Mormons won’t cut their heads off.  That’s it.  That’s the only reason.  They are afraid of Muslims.

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