Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Welfare is poster child for Dope policy in the last 50 years

In the post under Lex notes that America is on the track to implosion as direct result of 50 years of well publicized Dope policy and the Rats’ near total failure to oppose any of it.  The Rats’ failure goes well beyond the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to take over from the wad or for rolling over on a secret trade deal that cedes more power to a lawless dope.  Nothing exposes the slow unrelenting pressure of destructive Dope policy better than America’s current welfare programs.        

America’s welfare system in many cases subsidizes bad decisions.  You cannot let a second grader go on thinking 2+2=5.  As someone once said, an error uncorrected is approved.  The error has to be corrected every time it occurs. The same is true for rewarding bad behavior.  In the guise of “compassion” America’s welfare system has not only NOT corrected many social errors, it has actually taken to rewarding them.  Welfare is no longer the bare bones safety net or temporary bridge it is supposed to be.  It is a way of life.

The lefty Libs use the modern welfare system to attract and then entrap a large voting bloc.  The Dopes rail against Republicans for wanting to cut social spending and “balance the budget on the backs of minorities, the poor and elderly.” So the Dopes loudly and clearly advocate for more duplicative government programs to issue more and more benefits to more and more people.  The Dope vote buying scheme has become so “successful” that the Dopes have ensnared Romney’s famous 47% of the people into government “benefits” life f low expectations.

But it’s worse than just a vote buying scheme.  In many cases the government offers up a nice reward for bad behavior.  Having kids out of wedlock used to be a taboo.  Now unemployed “single moms” are modern day heroines that make a self-reliant Rosie the Riveter type woman look like a chump and the woman who marries before having 4-5 kids look like an old prude.  The entertainment world, Dopes and MSM all glorify the hapless woman struggling on her own – never mind that 98% of her struggles are brought about by her own poor choices.   

I caught a bit of Mrs. Lex’s soap the other day. The story line was of an unwed pregnant woman who wanted to keep her unborn child away from the father because the guy was creep and currently in trouble with the law.  No one scripts in line where a friend tells the woman what an idiot she was for getting involved with the guy in the first place and having a child with him out of wedlock.  Instead of teaching an iron clad rule for avoiding such circumstances, the storyline is about how to go about hiding the child from the father.
You can see the results of America’s welfare system in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD and other citadels of Dope thought policy.

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From the Griffin....
Similar rationale is used as reasoning for raising the minimum wage so a person can support a family of four. Maybe that person exists but I have not seen one and the Dopes can't produce one. Where are these families, meaning father, mother, and two children where they are earning a minimum wage? How long is someone stuck at the minimum wage before getting a raise or getting fired? And if the minimum wage was raised to $15 hour wouldn't we have more people getting minimum wage because many got a raise to $15/hr? Which would then become a rallying cry for unfairness? The Idiot-In-Chief ran on Hope and Change which became Destroy and Hope. Which fits govt/business relationships, established foreign policies, heath care, religion, and inner city poverty policies. It is always much easier to destroy something than it is to build something. Dopes inevitably will Destroy something, blame someone else, then Hope someone else fixes it. It could be a long, hot summer.