Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The correct answer is: Hell yes I'd have still gone into Iraq, but I'd have won decisively.

Ask accused rapist Billbo Billyboy Clinton, “Knowing what you know now, would you have hitched your wagon to your rape enabling ‘wife’”?  All the Republican candidates are getting shelled with questions about whether or not they would have gone into Iraq knowing what we know now.  Ann Coulter, not surprisingly, had the best answer for that question along the lines, “What?  That we’d elect a clueless boob twice who would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory throwing the whole thing - 4,000 lives, billions in treasure - away?  Knowing that?”

Having opposed the war from the start, Rand Paul is about the only guy on either side who can answer the question consistent with his original position.  The others Republicans are predictably falling into line with the meme that the war was not worth it.  I’d say losing the war isn’t worth it either.  We cannot turn back the clock.  We have to react to the world as it is.  Look where we are.  All of these Islamo-Terror-Fascist gains have come on the Dopes’ and The Empty Suit’s watch.

War is a difficult under taking.  It’s made magnitudes more difficult when one of the major political parties and their MSM lapdogs in the US root for the enemy.  Then that degree of difficulty is made even more difficult when the military mission is hamstrung by asinine, politically driven rules of engagement that do nothing but extend everyone’s suffering. 

I’d answer the question like this, “Knowing Dope Sen Richard cranium Turdbin would accuse US troops of running a gulag in Iraq, knowing that Harry the roach Reid would declare the war lost while troops were still in the field, knowing that John Kerry would accuse American forces of being dumb and “air raiding” civilians while the Dope party and their MSM lapdogs undermined the war effort at every turn, I’d have pursued the war with much greater vigor making it impossible for an airheaded Empty Suit not to recognize our complete and total victory. Had the war been prosecuted with ruthless efficiency, no one would have given a crap about WMDs.”
One thing is certain, by the time Godzilla in a pant suit emerges from her lair after dining on Birkenstock wearing, Whole Foods shopping, Prius driving Clinton butt kissers like Georgie Stephanopoulos, all of this will have subsided.  There will be no interest in a war Shrilldabeast voted for, or Benghazi, or private e-mail accounts, or a political slush fund being run in the guise of a “charity”, or mistranslated Russian “reset” buttons, or Bassar Assad as a “reformer”, or “redlines” in Syria, or ISIS.  None of that will matter.  For the Clinton butt licking MSMS the only things that will matter are homosexual marriage and why the Republican candidate is such a woman hating creep.

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
Knowing what we know now should..
1) Lee launched Picket's Charge at Gettysburg, 2)America re-elected Obama, 3) Destroyed ISIS 2 years ago, 4) Tom Brady have met air pressure of the Pats footballs, 5) Truman dropped the bomb in Japan, 6) We have bought Apple stock when it went public, 7) Clinton killed Bin Lauden in 1998. Which was the same year Clinton bombed Iraq to warn Sadam about his MWD programs. We know the country is screwed. The real question is if there is a presidential candidate out there that can unscrew it and then can they get elected? By the way, I took Seattle in the Super Bowl. Knowing what I know now.....