Friday, May 01, 2015

Justice for Freddie, screw everyone else

What we know about Freddie Gray’s death is that we don’t know much.  The fact that we do not know much didn’t stop the mayor of Baltimore from standing in front of Al Not-So-Sharp-ton’s “no justice no peace” backdrop to pander to the black community saying three black women would get justice for Freddie Gray.  What does that mean?   She did not say that the three black women would get justice no matter where that justice is found.  She said she’d they would get justice for “Freddie Gray.”

So if the investigation finds that Freddie pretty much killed himself in a drug induced tantrum in the back of the police wagon, what exactly will justice for Freddie Gray look like?  Maybe PSA warnings people not to run head long into the bolt securing the back door on the wagon.  Maybe a pre-wagon briefing like you get before take-off when you board an airplane.  Maybe lights in the back of the wagon like on an airplane that tell you when it’s safe to get up and move about the cabin.  As always, officers need to be careful when opening the back of the wagon as cargo may have shifted during transport.

Justice is most often portrayed blindfolded hold scales in one hand.  For the three black women looking into the Freddie Gray case, justice is being portrayed as Al Not-So-Sharp-ton sweeping the facts under a rug in order to inspire a riot.

And lemmebeclear, a little Empty Suit there, like the Gaystapo, Richard the dick Armitage, Patty Fitzgerald, Islamo-Terror-Fascists, Rev? Al et al do not give a flying crap if innocent people are jailed.  Like the Gaystapo wrecking people’s lives, Armitage and Fitzgerald railroading Scooter Libby, and the ITF lopping off heads, Rev? Al does not care how F’ed up Freddie Gray’s own actions were or how innocent the cops actions were, the cops must be made to pay.

Then what?  These people are just nuts.  They are never happy.  They are never satisfied.  The riots for scumbags like Mike Brown perpetuating a lie continue.  The Gaystapo is out trolling other family businesses looking for a towing company that refuses to tow their wedding party’s stretch handsome cab from the cathedral to the reception.
The problem never ends.  Why?  Because the “aggrieved” would rather have aggrieved status and live on welfare than have their problems addressed honestly.  And what better way to ensure that you’ll maintain your aggrieved status forever than to vote Dope?  Dopes tell us jobs are the key ingredient to move the aggrieved out their aggrieved status.  Then the Dopes champion introducing 10s of millions of unskilled, uneducated low-wage workers into the mix to compete for the jobs the aggrieved would be most suited to fill.

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From the Griffin...
Where is Malaysian flight 370? Where is Jimmy Hoffa and Emilia Earhart? The Mrs has asked several times how a big airliner just disappears and cannot be found. People forget it took 70 years to find the Titanic. What happened to Freddie? It seems no one knows for sure so Baltimore six police officers were just charged with homicide. Are these charges legit or were they charged for being cops? The Ferguson cop was fired and is hiding even though he was doing his job. Broke no laws or rules. If the cops are being railroaded then forget Baltimore cops having any interest in patrolling black neighborhoods. And who would blame them. If they did murder Freddie they should be charged and prosecuted. This could go very badly for the poor in Baltimore. Essentially opening up free fire zones.