Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boy Scouts are too kind for squirt guns

The Boy Scouts of America are going off the rails.  They do not care.  Like everything in America these days, the PC BS actors in charge seem more interested in ruining the traditional nature of organization than doing anything that might build self-confidence in boys and young men and allow the boys any fun.

The Girl Scouts long ago left the rails and reached the bottom of the PC rat hole and immediately began to dig.  The Girl Scouts are now plumbing depths of PC idiocy and are now open to boys who dress like girls.  I can here Jill’s mom now, “Perfect.  Where do I sign my daughter up?”  Now the Boy Scouts are in a race to out PC the girls.

Some douche named BryanWendell @ the blog Bryan on Scouting reminds Scouts:  As summer — and pool weather! — lingers on the horizon, it’s a good time to remind you that BSA policies prohibit pointing simulated firearms at people.

“Yes, that includes water guns.”

YGBSM!  What leads grown-ups to knock squirt gun fun out of a boy’s organization?  Well according to Bryan – who apparently went from toddler straight to over-bearing adult douche – a Boy Scout is supposed to be kind.  What’s kind about pointing a simulated weapon at someone?  Bryan has not yet issued a warning to Boy Scouts who might chew their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun.

What’s kind about soaking your buddies on a hot evening with your super soaker? Not much I suppose, but Bryan do you ever listen the boys laughing butts off when they engages in these activities?  Or are you permanently ensconced in your little cubicle searching the BSA manual for more fun activities to ban?    I suspect Bryan is an up-tight Scouter more interested in how he looks in his uniform than the setting up fun activities for the boys.  At one point, Bryan was probably a target of a couple of boys and their super soakers.  Instead of laughing it off, Bryan probably sent the boy’s parents a cleaning bill for his precious uniform and suspended the boys.  Now poor little Bryan doesn’t want to get wet ever again.

On BSA canoe trips, everyone starts out dry.  Everyone ends up soaked.  It’s called fun Bryan.  There’s nothing unkind about it.  But while we’re on the “kind” thing.  What’s “kind” about “blocking” someone in football?  What’s “kind” about a high hard one on the inside of the plate in baseball?  What’s “kind” about beating your friends in a foot race?  What’s “kind” about hitting someone with a ball in dodgeball?    It’s called life Bryan.  Try getting one.

As is usually the case in youth activities, the youth get along just fine until idiot “adults” like Bryan get involved.   I left Bryan a love note in the comments section of his blog at the link provided.  Last count there were 355 comments.  I didn’t read them all.  But of 20-30 I did look at, not one thought Bryan was anything other than a dumbazz.

Not long ago I begged our Bishop to drop BSA.  He didn’t listen then.  How far will he ride the PC BS BSA train into the rat hole?

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
Bryan needs to form the Boy Followers of America. This will be for the boys that never take the training wheels of their bikes. That are trained to warm themselves at a fire made by a Boy Scout, but not them because fire is dangerous. Boy Followers of America will be filled with ADHD victims that pass around Ridilan and Xanax pills. Scouts learn about firearms through exposure, training, and starts off with squirt guns. Boy Followers of America would be the ones to grow up looking for big government to tell them what to, how to do it, and succumb to any adversity. The Boy Scouts know Bryan is a dip. That is the good news. And they will ignore him.