Monday, June 01, 2015

Monday morning stuff

Islamo-Terror-Fascists Gaysatop are birds of a feather
The Phoenix draw Mo contest went off without a shooting.  Maybe there's hope for weekly iterations of this type of event.  No.  I'm not thinking about hosting one at the compound.  Those events - no doubt - are being infiltrated by government $h!ts taking down names  Madame Defarge style for later retribution.
I’m wondering if there is a Pamela Gellar type who will stand up to the Gaystapo?  Neither can stand free speech or freedom of association.  So is there a group or a person who will open a bakery with a sign in the window, “Homosexuals are welcome but you’ll have to cater your own damned ‘wedding.’  We will not do it.”?

Sure the ITF will slice your head off for drawing a picture of Mo.  The Gaystpo and their willing BS lapdog MSM accomplices are more subtle setting about only to ruin your life and business.  Both are BS merchants dealing in intimidation and self-censorship to shut people up so as to advance their own style of perversion. 
Commenting on WWII, dad used to say “We should have let the Germans and the Russians beat the hell out each other.”  Maybe that's the answer to the ITF/Gaystapo problems.  We should encourage the ITF and the Gaystapo to beat the hell out of each other.

So where did Denny get that much cash
The most shocking thing about former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert’s indictment isn’t that he was paying off someone for something.  The most shocking thing to me is that he’s able to come with $3.5 million for that pay-off.  How the hell does a former school teacher and life-time Caligula D.C. “public servant” come up with that kind of cash?  Given that he’s willing to pay it, the millions have to be a drop in the bucket of the rest of the cash Hastert has squired away.  I’m way more interested in where he got the pay-off money than what he did to make the pay-off necessary.  In that regard, sexual misconduct is going off at a 9,999 to 10,000 bet.

I made the note above on Sunday morning.  I found this on National Review online this morning.  The NSA may have stopped hacking our phone calls, when will someone investigate NR for hacking my blog notes?  Or is it as simple as great minds think alike?

Tell the kids if they really, really want something they should put the word “equality” at the end of their every desire.  If the kids want McDonald’s, don’t just scream “We want McDonald’s!”  Instead shout, “We demand McDonald’s equality!”  We are being inundated with all manner of “equality” marriage equality, income equality, Internet access equality, etc.  How do you argue with a brain-dead lefty Lib against something as red, white and blue as “equality”?
Telling the lefty Lib that having the only criterion for a marriage being “love” destroys the meaning of the word all together.  Telling a lefty Lib that the boss makes more money than you because he’s taking all of the risk, has a better education, works longer hours and understands business makes no difference to the Libs.  Telling a lefty Lib that making everyone else pay so that Bill Gates can have Internet access at mountain retreat home is BS.  Sam Kinison had the answer for starving people: “Move to where the F-ing food is.”  Same with Internet access.  If you want it: “Move to where the F-ing Internet is.”

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